Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Ball is Rolling

I am running and racing about trying to not get bowled over by the racing ball of time, but... I think that we got knocked down! We have been trying to send a nasty upper-respiratory virus packing so that we can get our own selves packed up! We all sound a little stuffy, while I sound like a FROG! Pops should come home and kiss me back to princess status! OH, well... Bump is recovering from a double ear infection (again), Branch is not blowing her nose every 10 seconds any longer, Blossom is doing pretty great, and Bud is of hearty stock and only had a bit of the runny nose and cough. So, we are on the mend and Pops will be back this afternoon from a week-long round of work in Oklahoma and Kansas.

And, Pops needs to hurry home, as this "ball" that is rolling our way?? Yea, it hits the front door on Monday. Yes, this coming Monday - the 14th of March! We will open the door Monday morning to a crew of workers who will begin to pack all of our home goods to be moved! The moving company estimates that it will take one and a half days to pack and one and a half days to load the truck. So, that puts us out of our home and flying to the middle of the country next Friday... in just over a week! Would you please offer up a prayer that all of this goes smoothly and that the weather is beautiful and sunshiny, especially on "load" days (I say this as the rain starts to pour outside my window!)?!?

Now that the "when" is decided, more later on what, where and how!! Gotta go get breakfast together!!


  1. I am sorry you guys are sick! We are too, it is terrible, isn't? You will be back to princess status soon!

  2. Gad zooks, how did I miss that whole second paragraph?!?! I should be wearing my glasses. I can't believe you are leaving!! I was so hoping we would see you again before you go. I am so bummed.
    I am praying for you guys on your new adventure and we will all miss you terribly! Lucy even said the other day that she wanted Blossom to come to her birthday.

  3. I bet I know where your group will be heading to on Friday, March 18th!?! LOL

    Love you guys bunches!

    Aunt Lisa

  4. Retroactive prayers have been offered! :)


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