Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And it's begun...

Well, it has been a while since I dropped in to the web to see what is going on and letting anyone know what is going on with us!

So, a quick run down...

Pick 'em up truck was picked up a couple weeks ago and was dropped in Ohio where we flew in to pick up our new home on wheels. We got all acquainted with our travel trailer and headed out to Illinois to stop at my parent's home where we had shipped several boxes of things to outfit our trailer. We stayed there for a day or two and got the trailer mostly to go. Headed out towards Kansas and stopped at a campground in Missouri before dark to get all situated. It was a COLD night, but our heaters worked GREAT and it was toasty hot in our home... the kids' room was super warm... no need for extra blankets in there! Then on Sunday afternoon we arrived in Paxico, KS where we stayed for 2 nights and had great entertainment of watching the kids run to the windows every time the a rumbling noise started. The campground was a hundred yards or so from a railroad track. So, watching trains was a fun pass time! The whistle blew as the train got to the crossing... just down the way, about two blocks away! So, yes, all night long the trains run!! Chuckling, now, we are in a new park in Lincoln, Nebraska!!! We'll be here until Friday morning just getting things in order. Then we'll head out to Pops' folks farm for a couple days and then... we'll be on our way to Wichita, KS then somewhere in Oklahoma (I have research to do to find a good park)!!

So, That is what is happening - I will find my camera and get some pictures taken soon! But, first - I need to get things organized and make my shopping list - Ketchup WILL make it in my cart this time. It HAS to! I have hot dogs in the fridge and we would eat them if we had some ketchup!!

I'll be back soon! Anyone have any words of wisdom to share?!?!!!

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