Monday, May 31, 2010

Racin' for the Win!

And the results are now in...

Branch (my baby pics "look alike!") Photobucket
Photobucket Blossom
Bump Photobucket
Photobucket Bud (Pops' baby pics "look alike!!")

All of the guesses were accurate (told you that it wouldn't be too challenging!!), so - I used to choose a random number...


I asked the random folks to choose one winner between the numbers 2 and 8 (Comment #1 and #9 didn't have an entry.) and it chose ...


#2!! WHO was the second commenter??


Well, well, well!! Yippeee, Yahoo! Please let me know if the mailing address I recently used, is the same address I should use to ship via UPS!

AND, NOW, because I want to bring smiles to your day and I am no longer feeling rushed to get my integers picked... I returned to and asked the random folks to pick one more winner!!


and they chose #8!! The eighth commenter was...


YEA!! Another package will arrive for you sometime... soon!?! Off to the sewing/crafting table this week, as I am hoping to send the prizes out before June 7th!

Now, I'm going to bed (Pops and I just finished watching "Crazy Heart" and "Facing the Giants")- hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day! I plan to sleep in and then eat a DELICIOUS rib roast off the charcoal grill... OH, the salivation! What are your plans for the day?


  1. WOW! I can't believe I won! I'm SO EXCITED! Can hardly wait to receive my prize! You have the right address. Hope you & your family have a GREAT day! Your planned meal sounds scrumptious! Uncle G. is off sailing the Chesapeake & I am planning to plant, plant, plant flowers today, if the rain holds off.
    Thanks for brightening up my morning!
    Aunt S.

  2. hey, i always say these things are rigged (and since you picked an aunt clearly they are) but since you also picked me, clearly they arent!! AWESOME.
    must admit, it was a pretty easy one!


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