Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #34

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, May 25, 2010...

Outside my window... Overcast and brisk. The forecast says rain rain rain... who am I to complain? I live in OREGON!!!

I am thinking... about the kind of something that I could "whip up" for a prize for the winner of this little contest!!

I am thankful for... a hot cup of cocoa on a cool May day.

From the learning rooms... we are nearing the end of all of our current school books!! It is looking like 1st and 2nd grades will end by Memorial Day.

From the kitchen... my "big meal" plans
Tues: Spaghetti
Wed: Roast
Thurs: Salmon
Fri: Steaks
Sat: Breakfast
Sun: NY Strip Roast on the Grill - mmmm, YUM!
Mon: Chicken
I am wearing... a gray, sporty, tennis skort and a white v-neck t-shirt, bare feet and damp straight hair.

I am creating... treats for the kids' baseball team's game tomorrow. .. first I need to make up an idea! One child has a milk allergy... hmmmmmmmmmmm

I am going... back to the midwest sometime this summer. I AM. I just have to figure out how we will do it... Planes, Trains or Automobiles? If we fly, we need to rent a vehicle - that is a BIG vehicle that will seat all 6 of us. Did you know that it is PRICEY to rent a minivan or a full-sized SUV for a whole 10 days or so? WOW-zas! And when I say pricey, I am not being extreme enough, here. It was more than $1000! Yea. So, either I need to find the coupon of a lifetime or I need to re-evaluate my position on "NOPE, I do not want to drive across America with a baby." Have any of you taken a cross-country trip with a 6/7 month old?? How did it go? Did you tear your hair out and make your husband send you and the baby home on an airplane and pick you up at the other end!?!! I AM going to figure out how we are going to go... but, I was really really really not wanting to do that whole 5,000+ mile round trip drive, again this year!!

I am reading... my posts from June of last year about our drive out east.

I am hoping... warm sunshine... the forecast says sun and 70s this weekend.

I am hearing... dishwasher running, clothes clinking and clunking around in the dryer, washing machine is humming, Bark is tip tapping around the floor and crunching on her dog kibbles (she eats the first several mouthfuls in a separate place than her dog bowl... weird, I know.)

Around the house... piles of clean folded laundry in my newly rearranged living room!

One of my favorite things... Rearranging furniture!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Baseball games tonight and tomorrow, library time - just hoping for a calm week!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Photobucket Photobucket

Keeping busy being a "CornHusker" before enjoying a try of rice cereal!!

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  1. awww, whered you get that cute corn ;)
    james was 6 months when we drove from NM to OR (you know, to live there). of course that was not nearly as far, but he did fine. lots of rice puffs.

  2. That super cute corn came from my super cool friend, Regina. Maybe you know her!! :) I have not found a Huskers patch to sew on... maybe I'll find one if we head to NE this summer!!

  3. We've made that very trip three times and I totally understand your desire to fly if possible.. However, other than it just being such a long drive, our children all did just fine in the car. Let's see -- for Trip #1 the kids were 3, 1 1/2, and 9 months. That was our easiest trip. Trip #2: ages 5, 4, almost 3, and 13 mths. - also not that bad. Trip #3: ages 7, 6, 4, 3, and almost 1 = NIGHTMARE thanks to the an intestinal bug. Yep, I think that last trip cured us of ANY desire to travel much since... :-) However, considering the cost of renting a car and that you only have 4 little ones, I'd probably opt for the drive!

    Love the pictures of Bump! He is such a cutie!

  4. I think plenty of snacks, DVD's, and activities will keep the big kids occupied...and as for bump, I'd say plenty of finger foods and rest stops :/ We are driving from Ohio to Arizona in July...but our kids are 9 and 7. Still, in the back of a tiny civic that my boyfriend wants to drive non-stop (me at night, him during the day), I still think it'll be a scary drive.

    As for a snack...might not be good for travel or baseball, but my kids love these:

    Oreo truffles. Pack of Oreo cookies, crushed. Mixed with a pack (8oz) cream cheese. Roll into balls and place in fridge until firm. Then melt a bag of choc. chips in the microwave and dip the balls in that. Place back on the tray and return to the fridge to firm the chocolate. They are sooooooo good :)

  5. We have been trying to figure that one out for a long time. To fly to NE and then rent a van to fit all of us? I almost fainted. Have you thought about renting an RV? We have been thinking about that. Then we would save money on hotels and food, plus have a space for littles to play, etc.


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