Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Baby

I guess I am just a great big baby. I don't want my big baby to be growing up so fast and he is. Growing, that is.


Can't he just find a brick to wear on his head and stay my baby forever? The one who likes to sit close, have chat about his latest book, rub my back, feet or arms or just "be" next to me... He is growing into a little man. He loves to try all the new growing up things and wants to be just like Pops. He craves doing anything with dad - even work - so long as it is with dad.


STOP!!! Just stop the ride, for a while... or at least make it go a little slower. Life is all going so fast and I miss all the things that he did when he was smaller and all the things that I see him starting to grow out of, already. My big ol' baby is growing far to fast...


  1. You are making me tear up and have a cold so that is a very mean thing to do.

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I just sit there sometimes and wonder if I could just stop things for a minute, just a moment to take everything in, hoping that at least all these precious moments can live in my memory forever.


    They grow up too dang fast.

  2. Cherish every moment because believe it or not, time FLIES by even faster & faster as you get older! :o( By the time you are my age, the seconds turn to minutes, to hours, to days, to weeks, to months, to years at such an astounding rate that you have a hard time comprehending where all the years have gone!! Sorry for the depressing thought!
    Aunt S.


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