Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #31

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, May 4, 2010...

Outside my window... The sun is going away for today... the clouds are coming in. It was in the upper 60s though today and we enjoyed it!

I am thinking... that I wish that there were more hours in the day that I had for some uninterrupted time to get things done - and not in the middle of the night!!

I am thankful for... Suave's newest shampoo and conditioner! A knock-off of a Salon Professional Aveda selection: Rosemary and Mint - LOVE IT!!

From the learning rooms... A general push and pull of trying to find where I can get my kids to be a bit more self-motivated!

From the kitchen... my "big meal" plans
Tues: Hamburgers and French Fries
Wed: Cinco de Mayo... shall we have tacos, fajitas, enchiladas or quesadillas?!?!!
Thurs: Chicken Stir-Fry
Fri: Pasta something or other
Sat: Breakfast (This is my favorite dinner!! There are lots of options and we mostly all like them all!)
Sun: Duck & Dumplings
Mon: CrockPot delight!
I am wearing... Jeans and a charcoal gray t-shirt with a bit of metal "bling"

I am creating... or, rather, I just created a "Woooo Hooo" sign that I taped up outside in front of the garage! Tonight was Bud and Branch's first baseball game of the season (they are on the same team - thank goodness for that!) and they both hit home-runs! So, I hung a congrats sign for them to come home to and I plan to "create" home run ice cream sundaes!

I am going... to have to take those big kids out to get cleats, now. The "rule" around here is that you wear your regular sneaks until you hit a home run and THEN and ONLY then are you rewarded with honest to goodness real baseball cleats to wear. Luckily, both kids hit it on the same game!

I am reading... I am pondering Jodi Piccoult's "Handle With Care." It is the book club selection here and I finished it in the week ... lots to ponder on that one. I am not sure what I think yet. I am still thinking it through. So, I am just reading whatever whenever, since I finished it the other day and I don't really want to get IN another book for a bit. I have a very hard time pacing myself and drown in my reading. It's a problem.

I am hoping... that Bump feels good SOON. He had a round of vaccinations this morning and is a lotta bit on the crabby side this evening. (Hence the reason I am not at the first baseball game of the season - he is napping, now, though!)

I am hearing... The washer is in spin cycle... spinning away, always seems to be running. Someone could prank call my house and ask if the washer is running and tell me I'd better go catch it just as well as a fridge. And if it weren't running, I would have to say, "No, but thanks! I need to chase it anyway so that it doesn't get to comfortable just sittin' there!" Oh, the joys of laundry!

Around the house... We have been working on the "toy situation" in our home. I could type out the list of toys in our house... sort of. By category, definitely. But there are A LOT in each type and it can cause a big problem with clean up time. For now, we have done the toy swap and have some stashed away for a swap out again later. But, this is not a great solution. I want a BIG ol' midwestern basement for them to have a play area on a remnant carpet, like I had as a kid! Take the toys and mess to the dungeon!!!

One of my favorite things... quiet. Peace and quiet to sit and BE.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Pediatrician office this morning, library tomorrow afternoon, baseball game tomorrow evening, baseball practice on Thursday afternoon, Friday?? I haven't looked that far!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Morning Joy! Everyone here is fresh and cheerful.
Don't look behind the camera - She JUST woke up and doesn't "talk" in the morning.

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