Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're home!

We arrived home yesterday to 87 degrees! What a treat after worrying about travel versus the snow. Warm sunshine and clear skies... beautiful!

This kind of weather gets me in the mood to get organized a bit. Today, I have been working in my laundry room re-organizing my cupboards. Next stop kitchen cupboards, a closet here or there and then finally the dreaded garage.

Since we are currently on spring/summer break around here for school I can work at it without trying to also make sure that all the schoolwork gets done! It is official... Bud has completed the planned 1st grade work and Branch has completed all of her Kindergarten work. It feels great to be finished for a while - especially with the great weather! We'll start up 1st and 2nd grade soon... we won't wait until fall; we are on the go too often to take all of our time off in the summer!! 

Well, I'm off to finish that laundry room and work on some of the other areas as well. What is keeping you busy on these beautiful spring days?!


  1. glad youre safe. hope your trip was fun

  2. Welcome home!

    It's been hot here too.

    Lucky you - on spring/summer break!


  3. OH!! I am so jealous that your little ones are done with school.. If only....

    Glad you are back safe and sound! Hope you had a great trip!

  4. Enjoy your break! I also arrived home to good weather. It's in the 80s here (but down to 60s from tomorrow on).

    I didn't see the fish & chips place in the Seattle airport that you described. I think that I was in the N Gate area; it must've been somewhere else.

    Hope you are settling back in! :)


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