Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is the day...

where I have that thing called a birthday. Yes. I did that today. 

So, because it was "my" day, here's what I did.

7:55 am Got up, showered, dressed
8:25 am Went in the kitchen and got a glass of water and heard "Happy Birthday, Mom!"
8:30 am Read my annual lovely birthday poem from Pops
8:40 am Opened some lovely birthday presents and cards from the Treekids
9:10 am Dropped Blossom off at Playschool
9:25 am Heard the birthday song from Geemah & PopPop (my 'rents) on voicemail
9:27 am Called the 'rents to applaud their rendition of the classic
9:55 am Ate bonbons, read a good novel, took a nap (oh, that was just day dreaming, I guess)
11:30 am Hauled Bud and Branch to Playschool to pick up Blossom
11:50 am Arrived at home to serve chicken nuggets and apple slices while watching Tinkerbell
1:00 pm Saw many emails wishes for a happy birthday (thanks to you facebookers!)
2:00 pm Tried for another birthday nap but had to add a bit of clean up nagging to the mix
3:00 pm Fielded a few birthday phone calls
4:25 pm Took Bud to baseball practice and Branch and Blossom played on the playground
6:00 pm Ate supper with Pops and the Treekids at the local Mexican eatery
8:00 pm Said good night prayers and tucked in the Treekids
8:30 pm Birthday phone calls, again
9:25 pm Saying hello to you all on this blog
9:30 pm Saying good bye to you all on this blog so that I can go watch a dvd with Pops.

G'night. Here's to April Birthdays everywhere!!


  1. sounds like you had a very fulfilling day! =)
    happy belated......

  2. Now, is it the same poem every year or does he write you a new one?? How romantic!!


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