Friday, April 17, 2009

Pinch me

We are on our way to a family gathering in western Nebraska to celebrate of our Godson's 1st Holy Communion. We will be flying into Denver International Airport - a mere 2.5 hour drive to nowhere. But, that is half way to everywhere, you know.

Anyway, we are ready to go. We are packed. We are ticketed. We have photo ID (after a small detour to acquire it). We have quart sized bags containing bottles and tubes of less than 3 oz. in quantity. We are prepared. 

Have you seen the latest weather forecast? Denver is NOT ready for us. According to the National Weather Service, the "urban corridor" is expecting 10 to 24 inches of snow. Hmmmmm.

I must be dreaming. Didn't someone say that today is APRIL 17th?!!

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