Monday, April 27, 2009

I didn't TEACH her this one, did I?

I have been having this debate with myself. I want to share a funny little tidbit about my baby girl. I think it will make you grin at the least. I busted out laughing so hard I thought I'd pee my pants. Here lies the rub... I don't share the names of my treekids on this public space! So, I figured out a partial solution. I will give her another different name for this post only. For those of you who know our little Blossom, you will easily be able to see how her name fits and use her name in your hearing the fun in your head. Now, with all that squared away... 

We took a flight from Portland to Denver on the 17th of this month. When going through security, the agents will often ask children (who obviously have no photo id/drivers license) what their name is and where they are going. They all know their names (thank goodness!). Bud knew we were flying to Denver and then driving the rest of the way to Nebraska. The girls knew we were going to Nebraska. So, The agent gets to asking for this pertinent information. Blossom is last and hasn't been paying the slightest bit of attention to what is really going on. 

"And, what's your name?" asked the gate agent.

"Jan," said Blossom.

Bud says, "Her name is really Janessa."

The agent responds, "Oh, ok. And, where are you going today?"

Blossom says, "Oh, we are flying to Braska to see Wuke, Wogan, and who, Mommy?"

I say, "Family."

Blossom says, "Family in Braska."

Luckily the security agent was kind to our somewhat confused child and she was able to breeze through the metal detectors!

On our way to the airport in Denver on Monday for our return flight home, I thought it would be smart to prepare the treekids for this process so that they would help to make the process much more smooth. We got through Bud without a hitch, Branch had to be reminded of our destination... you know, HOME {itty bitty town name}!  Except, see, we don't really fly home. We don't have an airport in our tiny town.  So, she needed a bit of coaching as to our destination of "Big Metropolis" Portland, Oregon! Next up, Blossom.  So, I said to her, "What is your whole name?" She responded as calmly and sweetly as can be...

"Janessa Alliese Nordevetz Come Here"

They were not asked their names or destination in Denver... but, a funny story we now have!


  1. that is funny!! i guess she needs to learn that her last name is not come here.

  2. That is HILARIOUS! I'm so glad you shared it ... what a good laugh! :)

  3. Sweet Blossom! Well, they all are. And they Do say the most adorable, funny things. G.


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