Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coming soon...

I have been having many questions about my camera, lenses, etc.  I will post about all that good stuff soon... Right now I am making treats for our Little Flowers meeting this afternoon.  AND, yes. I am going to be doing "over-the-top" treats. I just can't help myself. Remember the "cake pops" I made for Blossom's birthday? Well... I am working on some similar treats. Our flower this meeting is a violet... so, I am incorporating that in my fun... So, I will post pictures of those and will update you all on camera details!! Wish me luck on making violets out of Skittles!!


  1. Oh! I can't wait to see them and smell them and only dream of tasting them! lol

  2. I look forward to seeing what you develop - maybe it will work for Violet's first birthday!!

  3. They were AWESOME!!! AND SOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!

  4. Lollipops out of cake. Violets out of Skittles. What's next? Water into wine? You are amazing! - Pops


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