Friday, April 3, 2009

Violet Treats

I ran out of time making these treats for Little Flowers. So, you have to know that they took MUCH longer than the ones I did for Blossom's Treat Day at Playschool. Getting the Skittles just right without dropping them as I was going... grrrrrrr.
They are basically the same kind of thing as the cake pops, but instead they are made like mini cupcakes dipped in candy melts!  Learn more at Bakerella.
I then used purple and yellow Skittles on top before the coating dried to form a pretty little violet. (Please use your imagination!)
I tried the recipe differently this time. Last time I used 3/4 of a tub of frosting mixed in with the cake crumbles to form the cake balls. This time I tried the whole tub like Bakerella suggests and I found it much harder to work with the cake mixture. It still tasted delicious. But, it was significantly more messy. I will go back to a smaller amount of frosting.

Up next... Camera Info and such.


  1. What pretty violets - they look YUMMY!!

  2. Your ARE amazing and they were AWESOME!!! I couldn't believe that they tasted EVEN BETTER than they looked! =) Amy missed out! ;)


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