Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Everything!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Happy MLK Jr. Day!
Happy ALL holidays...
that I have missed in the past 2.5 months (and JUST IN CASE... Happy Valentine's Day!).

Excuses, excuses... I know. I will fill in some of the details soon... Life has been a-changin' for our family! I was busy with holiday travels and family visiting and then things came up and I didn't make time to check in and say howdy.


Well, NOW I have an internet connection that I am hoping and praying will be reliable! (We got an AT&T 4G air card... know anything about these little ditties? I have about 30 days to decide and return it if it isn't working out... fill me in with any good info!)

This is the set of pictures that I had HOPED to share at Christmas!



I loved the black and white - but the red background is nice too... enjoy! It is Monday... look for me again on Tuesday - we'll see if we can't make a habit out of this!! ;)


  1. There you are - I am glad to see you "back." I was hoping everything was okay.

    The pictures of the kids are beautiful. My daughter's wedding colors were black and white with red. Sure has been a popular color combo in recent months. We were stylin' and didn't even know it!!


  2. You're baaaccckkk! Yeah! Happy Everything to you all too! Thanks for sharing the GREAT photos of the tree-kids; you & Pops sure have yourselves some handsome children! Hope you have time now to update more. I miss hearing about you & your family. :o)
    Aunt S.


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