Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cleaning House

Spent some time fixing the look around here. Thoughts and comments?? Let me know what you think! I will probably continue to tinker and work the rust out. I figure it might help it feel more fun and exciting to get things posted! Anything to get that shot in the arm I need!

I am planning to put this picture as the header...


If I can just figure it out!! It was so long ago that I did the last layout, that I will have to really work at this to get it figured out! So... stay tuned! Our friendly family faces will be posted a bit larger, I believe!

So, what has this treehouse family been up to for the past 2.5 months?!!

We (obviously) visited the photography studio! We stayed for a while with Pops' folks in Nebraska, we stayed with my folks in Illinois for Thanksgiving (and a rousing fun time on Black Friday was had by my mom and I!). Pops worked in Kansas, Texas and Georgia while we stayed back and visited in November. Pops and I took a 4 night trip to Las Vegas to attend several performances of the National Finals Rodeo. We stopped back in Illinois to pick up all the treekids and headed to Nebraska, where we were "treated" to spectacular temperatures below zero... to the tune of NEGATIVE TWELVE!!!!! One-Hundred Sixteen this past summer in Oklahoma, -12 in Nebraska in December... before winter actually arrived. Nice, the weather and those lovely temperatures in Oregon are most definitely missed!! Anyway, after a short stay in Nebraska, we hit the road for about 2 weeks of fun in Kansas and Oklahoma. We spent Christmas with Pops' side of the fam and then hit the path back to Illinois for a bit of Christmas fun (a few black friday gifts were waiting behind at Geemah's house!!) Then, we made a quick decision that fell in our laps rather suddenly to move into a temporary rental residence in Oklahoma! So, we packed up all our worldly belongings in our RV and a BIG moving truck and with the help of my folks we loaded and hauled all of us off to an acreage in North Eastern Oklahoma. The following two and a half weeks were spent cleaning, unpacking, putting away, moving and putting in a new place, falling over in excitement over forgotten toys and laundry. OH, and more laundry. It has been wild and hectic and TONS of fun! I will get on the camera and get some pictures out from Christmas and will try to get some of our new home, too! BUT, for now... I'm gonna be thrilled to be all hooked up to internet and look forward to hearing from all of you!!

hugs from an "Okie" (NOT from Muskogee!)

UPDATE: Well, I figured out blog headers! Thanks to: Sarah @ Clover Lane who wrote about how to do it when Photoshop isn't an option for ya! Woohooo!!


  1. Wow...your kiddos are growing. Is Bump really 2? Wow!

  2. Love the new look! Great to see all the up-dated photos of the tree-kids!
    Sounds like you have had an extremely eventful last couple of months. Are you staying put just for the winter & planning to live in your RV again when it warms up or are you putting down roots again for an extended period of time?
    Aunt S.

  3. What a ride! Thanks for being my co-pilot... Love you!
    p.s. The "Treehouse" looks GREAT!

  4. The "place" looks really great - I love your family photo! I will have to figure out the header thing too- thanks for the link to the tutorial.


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