Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Hard Work!

This is Jan 2nd - around 6 PM.
It was chilly in the house since the doors were open nearly all day as boxes and furniture were carried into the house.
The two youngest must've worked the hardest... since they crashed first!
We had to wake them up to take them to supper and the hotel... they were less than thrilled!
Our poor old dog... she is 95% blind (we THINK that she can see extreme contrast of light and dark), she is going deaf, she has arthritis, hypothyroidism, skin problems, lumps from here down to there... and she was forever in the way and was constantly "lost". She finally got comfortable on this love seat only to be shoved over by these pesky children! Sheesh...
Quite a fun life we have offered her from her beginnings running loose and wild near Pontiac, IL on I-55!! She turns 11 next month. SOME people around here are thinking about a new dog - others? Not so much. She is still a happy dog - but she's got some aching old dog in her!!

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