Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes - (volume 8)

--- 1 ---

Welcome home! This is our new home... (The black square in front of all the windows is a sand pit/box, I think, but, we won't tell the kids!!) We are loving that big wrap-around porch! We have our big dining table in the front there with all those windows and enjoy a sunny morning breakfast watching all the birds at our feeder - cardinals, bluejays, finches, sparrows, woodpeckers and we often see hawks and an owl or two, but they don't stop by for seed!! The little "blip" of a second floor is a finished walk-up attic that Pops uses for his office. We are still working on "settling in" but it is feeling homey anyway!

--- 2 ---

We really like this additional bonus feature...
Just to the west of the house is this cute cabana with a nice little bar and a cozy little HOT TUB! Pops and I have indulged in a hot soak several evenings and look forward to a few more - it has been a nice way to talk without all the interruptions of regular life (read: children)!

--- 3 ---

With all the new and updated pictures of the family being posted around here lately, I thought some nice pics of our ol' friend would be nice. I need to choose ONE to put on the sidebar - have a favorite of these four??
Photobucket Photobucket

--- 4 ---

Branch wanted their hair braided this morning. I said sure. She wanted more than one braid so that it would stay all together as it dried throughout the day and overnight so that she might be able to have "curly hair" the next day. She wanted to do something interesting - how's THIS for interesting!?! - Thanks, Great Aunt Carol for the crocheted flowers!! We find lots of ways to put them in the girls' hair!
Photobucket Photobucket

--- 5 ---

This little pistol wanted bangs yesterday, she wanted them pronto - I didn't have time. She got some fringe today, this morning before my eyes were even fully operational. Near lunch time, I "fixed things up" a bit. (Although I do have to say that she didn't do all that bad of a job, all by herself! Just a touch up and I trimmed the rest up, too... only one strange spot that is a bit spikey at the top of her head. It was NOTHING like that one time... you know: THIS ONE)

--- 6 ---

I love it when they get along! Some days these girls are arch enemies. But, today? Nearly all day - L.O.V.E.!! They giggled and carried on playing all sorts of girl things... Smiling mamma.

--- 7 ---

I thought I would revisit this old thing that I used to do on Fridays... I was looking through old pictures and couldn't resist! So, here we go - focus on a little magic and go back to look at some magic from the past!

It is hard to catch this kind of picture anymore. You know, as we get older, we are so much more aware of ourselves - and the camera. So, when I saw this photo... I just smiled from EAR to EAR. Look at the joy on that boy's face!! I can't recall the last time I had my camera out and he was willing to let go and just laugh!! Maybe I have my camera out too often? Maybe he is just becoming a moody pre-teen? Yikes... I hope to see more smiles and laughs in pictures. I need to come up with something better than, "Smile!" or "Say, CHEEEEESE!"
Fall 034

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  1. Enjoyed all the pics. The one I like best of Bark is the 3rd one as she looks like she is saying "you talking to me?"! Love the girls' hair-dos and the smiles always....that belly laugh of when they were little ones is precious. Love, G.

  2. Glad you are getting settled & enjoying your new home. Looks really nice, especially that hot tub! Looks like Bark is enjoying lying on the porch in the sun. I think I agree with your mom; I like the third picture best too. WOW! You are quite the accomplished braider; Branch's hair looks amazing! Happy to see Blossom is becoming more accomplished at cutting her own hair, too! :) I am so happy you are updating your blog again, as I look forward to your posts. :D
    Aunt S.

  3. Glad our girls are not the only sisters who are often "enemies." It's so frustrating, yet so beautiful are the moments they work together, play together, and love each other. Oh, and fawn over the little baby princess God gave to our family (aka Maria). :)

    What a BEAUTIFUL home! You are going to LOVE that hot tub, as you probably already know. Our house came with one, and we loved it while we had it. Eventually it broke beyond repair (well, it broke to the tune of $1300 and we laughed and had it emptied). *sigh* It's especially nice when it's drizzling or snowing. Mmmmm. Enjoy!


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