Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes - 7

--- 1 ---

Today is 11-11-11. I LOVE it when the date does that!! Only one more year of that kind of fun for a loooooooooong time! Then I will go back to just loving the time being like that: 11:11!!!

--- 2 ---

Today we had our RV "winterized." That means they removed all the water and put in some antifreeze - among other things, I assume! We will leave our RV parked for quite a while as we live in the homes of family or hotels for the next (nearly) two months! WOW! With all that we have going on, we just can't pull our house along for the fun... and we anticipate some cold weather in Nebraska where it will be parked for this time!

--- 3 ---

What is quite strange about the process of leaving our home parked for such a long time... It is so easy to know what to bring along for the home hopping! We have fewer clothing items, we "play" with fewer things. So, we pack the several outfits we have, the toothbrushes, hairbrushes & clips, make-up (absoLUTely), and some coats and shoes! Simple!!! Not really much to debate over. All the other things in our "home" are necessities that are found in others' homes! (Well, except for the three million pounds of books that Bud will want to bring along!) I guess simplifying our home is simplifying decision making in the small things!

--- 4 ---

I am still working on my novel... although I have given myself a "pass." I doubt I will finish it by Nov 30, 2011. It is not a practical goal this year!! But, I find the story line to be interesting, so I will continue to find out what happens and write when I can. That also means that I *should* have enough time for this blog. But, you never know, there, either! I have picked up something else that is more conducive to picking up and putting down with children running amok!

--- 5 ---

Knitting. Yes, I decided to try ... AGAIN. This time, though, I was more successful! I chose a chunkier weight yarn, bigger needles and discovered that I could knit just fine. There was only one mistake and it was within the first 5 rows. My lovely knitting started out as ... nothing. It was just row after row after row of knit stitches. About 32 or so on each row. As I continued, I envisioned a hat. So, I tried some decreasing stitches, and then some more. Then I bound off the end, cinched up the end and sewed the seam shut. I made a puff ball and affixed it on top. Blossom is thrilled with her fun little winter hat!!!

--- 6 ---

Crochet still seems to be my arch-nemesis. Anyone want to instruct me in the ways of crochet?? I do iChat or Skype. I would like to learn!! But, I get easily frustrated. I am maybe not an ideal student!! Oh, and I like to make quick work of things... I only spent three days on that hat - and not full days, mind you. A few hours here or there! Oh, and I probably don't pay very well either. Like I said... not an ideal student!

--- 7 ---

Have you ever done a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to determine psychological preferences? I am an INFP. If you click on the link for "INFP" you can read and learn a little more about people like me! If you know your "letters" you can go HERE and find out more about people like you!! If you'd like... leave a comment sharing your type and I would love to learn more about YOU!

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  1. I find crochet so much easier than knitting. I think your knitting method has merit -- chunky yarn and bigger needles. I may have to try that. I really think crochet is best learned sitting beside someone. That way you can see what they are doing from the angle you are supposed to do it -- make sense? I would be happy to help, but I am not sure how well it will come across with the little camera on the computer in mirror view. Have you seen Simply Charlotte Mason's new crochet handicraft DVDs? The sample looks really well done.

    I am ISTJ and it is so funny, because it is like 95% I. Seriously I really try not to go out much. ;-D

  2. I'm an INFJ. :)

    And I can't crochet anything beyond a chain ....

  3. i'm an IXFJ -- my N and S flip depending on when i'm taking the test and for what purpose. the other three are off-the-charts. i've also taken the test so many times that i can throw it depending on what i want to happen. the IFJ never changes though.

    i find crocheting easier -- knitting requires more coordination than i have.

  4. Hope you are doing well. Miss reading your posts. Have given you an award over on my blog.


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