Friday, November 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes - 6

--- 1 ---

I took a creative writing class in college. I had a professor who had us turn in our "writing notebooks" three or four times during the semester. I was rather excited when I turned in my writing for the first go. I had written a fairly nice piece on some topic that I no longer recall. I was shocked and horrified to receive the writing back with a big red "C" on his notes page. I thought it was a decent story. And, I had a poem in the mix, too! I went and talked to him after class and he told me that I did not write enough. I asked how he knew how much I wrote. He told me that there were not enough pages in my notebook. I told him that I didn't turn in every rough draft. I didn't know that he wanted all of that. (I had typed on a computer. Reworked the paper and saved. Rework and save. Rework and save. Notebook due... Print! So, I only turned in what I had then, not all the writing changes before then.) He told me that he wanted much more writing. I asked what would be enough. He said that each notebook that I turn in should have 200 pages of writing. About ANYTHING. It could be journaling, letters to my mom (yes, I photocopied them before I sent them off, mom), phone messages for my roommate (yes, I took them back after she read them), anything that I wrote down, I taped or glued into my notebook. I asked if my papers that I did turn in were any good. HE did NOT know. He didn't read them. He flipped through to see how many pages I had written. Next two notebooks had far more than 200 pages of crap writing. I hated that class and I bellyached over it to anyone who would listen for THE. WHOLE. semester. Final grade was a B, I think.

--- 2 ---

Writing is on my mind... A LOT. Can you tell?!!?? I am having starts and stops with this novel writing thing. I don't love my plot, so I toss a twist in and change it up. But, that didn't really help. So, I am on path to change it up again, TONIGHT! But, I have to do these darn 7 things.

--- 3 ---

I rented Cars2 from the RedBox yesterday. The treekids really liked it. So did the mom. I had no idea what to expect and I enjoyed the story. Everyone is wondering what will happen in Cars3! As an aside, did you know that RedBox prices will be going up to $1.20 next month. Bummer. It was bound to happen... but, that twenty cents might brake the bank!

--- 4 ---

The last of the antibiotics is taken. We have finished the rounds. We will commence activity with the outside world tomorrow! Pops is taking Bump, Blossom and Branch to the Huskers vs. Northwestern game at Memorial Stadium - wooo hooo! Fun times! Bud and I ... plan to make an appearance at the library. We will possibly spend hours there!! I will write and he will read and read and read. He is SO excited!

--- 5 ---

I need to remember to take my camera out of the camera bag. That would prove to make for a few more photographs!! I must have my mind on other things...

--- 6 ---

We are loving the "cooler" weather. But, this means we also have to think about the possibility of freezing! We stay plenty warm, but the water hose and connections are certainly having to be thought about! BUT, while it IS quite cold... I will not complain - it is better than 119 degrees, thank you very much!

--- 7 ---

To those of you who come and read. To those of you who "jump in the leaves" and leave a comment. To those of you who "lurk." To those of you who click and read and wonder what kind of crazy life we lead. To those of you who stop by ever... THANKS! It's good to see you around! I love to hear from you and love to know who is on the other side of the screen!!

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  1. I read about the earthquake in OK. Is that where you & the tree-kids are now? Did you shake, rattle & roll? Just wonderin'. Glad to hear everyone is healthy again & resuming normal activities. Enjoy your library day & the opportunity it provides to concentrate on your novel.
    Aunt S.

  2. You know that I read your blog, sometimes just to see where you are and what you are up to! Keep it up! Would miss it if you stopped. Guess you'll have to keep doing this for a long, long time!
    Love you!
    Grandma D


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