Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #42 - Happy Birthday, Bud, edition!

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, Sept 14, 2010...

Outside my window... noisy college aged golf tournament kids.

I am thinking... my "baby" turns 9 today. That isn't really possible, is it?? I don't have all my old pictures, so I can't do a review of how he has grown over the year. NEXT year, he will be in teh double digits. YIKES.

I am thankful for... Bud's amazing mind and how it challenges me!

From the learning rooms... oh, boy! oh, boy! We are on a wonderful great cool field trip this week!! Homeschooling is so fun and rewarding when you want to go away to do something and you can add in things along the way that are amazingly educational and fun and you chalk it up to a field trip ... week!!

From the kitchen... not much of anything since we won't be home! But, plans must be made none-the-less!
Tues: need a birthday cake/cheesecake/cupcake/pie... something!
Wed: there is a steakhouse in eastern Oregon that serves Nebraska Beef. I want THAT!
Thurs: We'll be finding rodeo food.
Fri: on the road ...
Sat: dinner with friends - hoping that Anthony's fish place is in the cards for us while in the Seattle area!
Sun: Brunch with Pops' aunt and uncle from Nebraska
Mon: Uh, maybe I'll remember how to thaw ground beef!!
I am wearing... Hatley pajama pants. They are pink with brown horses running. They are well loved. I need a new pair, but they don't seem to make this print any longer. Boo Hoo.

I am creating... fun memories with my family (we had a late night DQ treat last night at 8:50 pm as they were about to close.... got in just under the wire!)

I am going... to be a GREAT sport for all this travel about business!

I am reading... for Book Club - The Thirteenth Tale by... Diane Setterfield.

I am hoping... to have a successful dig tomorrow.

I am hearing... hotel noise.

Around the house... laundry done. Girls' room is clean and has fall clothes. I need to put some away so there are fewer choices, though. I tried to stick to the plan, but allowed too much. Need to pare down, more.

One of my favorite things... baby scent.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Thunder Egg (Geode) Hunting, John Day Fossil Bed exploring, attend the 100th year of the Pendleton Round-Up, visit friends near Seattle, Pops' and one or two treekids attend the Husker game vs. the Washington Huskies, Meet up with family for a quick visit... I think that is plenty!

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