Friday, September 3, 2010

Lotsa Laughing!!!

So, today... Branch and I ran downtown to the bank. We noticed a sign by the local elementary school that said that school was back in session. So, I asked her what she thought about kids having to go back to school. She said that she thought it was sad that kids have to return to school (her little playmate who's grandma lives nearby won't be over most days, now). I asked if she thought she had a better "deal" just having to have school at home with mom and all that jazz. She told me that she did have the better option. She is happy to not be in public school, she said. Then, I asked her why she gives me trouble, now and then, about getting all of her school work accomplished. Her very serious "Winnie the Pooh logic" response:
"Well, I guess I would rather like it if I didn't do any school at all."

Later, Blossom and I were whispering to each other while Bump was nursing and falling asleep. She was telling me how babies are great (sidebar: they ARE great, aren't they!??) and how maybe one day she would have ONE baby.

I told her, "Hold your horses! You have to grow up and get married first!"

Blossom replied, "Oh, yes. I know. I have to find my prince. Then ONE baby. A boy. And I will name him {bump}" she giggled. "Just like our {bump}!"

I responded, "Uh, mmm... you know that's your brother's name, right?"

She giggled again, "Yes, but that is the only baby boy name I know!"

So, we talked a little about baby names. Then she looked at the cluster of portraits I have on the wall... each of my four treekids as an infant. Blossom said, "I don't want to have my tummy cut open to have a baby, though."

"Well, babies don't always come out of a cut in a mommy's tummy."

"Oh, ok. I will have a baby the other way. Not out of a cut in my tummy. So, {Branch} and I came out of your tummy the same time, right?"

WHAT?!? "Um, no. You were in my tummy at very different times all by yourselves. Why would you think that you were there together?"

"Well, it HAD to be that way. 'Cuz people should get babies boy, girl, boy, girl you know - pattern. So, it works that {Branch} and I came out together."
Interesting... very very very interesting logic. Glad it didn't HAVE to work that way, though!

Evening arrived and after some baking this afternoon, everything seemed to be smelling good and taste buds were drooling around here. One of the things that was baked today was some good ol' quick bread. While Branch and I were reading the recipe together, I briefly explained the concept of quick bread versus yeast bread. At that time, Bud was out on the deck waiting and watching and wishing that his yeast dough (soft pretzel dough) would grow FASTER. Then the quick bread went into the oven and began its hour of baking and smelling up the house with its spicey goodness! Bud kept asking me to test the bread and getting out the toothpicks. I continued to tell him how much longer and he finally protested:
"I thought you said that this was FAST bread."
Laughing is a GREAT thing and makes the day feel sooooo much nicer!


  1. Fun! I love the new little photo of Bump. What a chubby boy!! I'd love to squeeze him!!

    Sounds like you had a fun conversation with your little one. My girls have decided that they are having 7 children each. And how on earth does she know about C-sections already? My kids know, that's to be expected. You can tell her Mrs. P said it's not so bad in the end. ;)


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