Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday: Prizes for those winners from a million years ago!!


Well, it has been a LONG time since I have put any craftiness up here! How about I show you what I sent to my Aunt Stephanie and my friend Regina when they won my silly contest a while back...

Both gals have four-legged friends in their homes, so I sent them each a placemat for their dog bowls to comfortably rest!!


Isn't this fabric SO cute?!?!!


For my aunt, who enjoys gardening and likes to putter in her kitchen (with those cute colored rubber gloves with the neat detailed edges on the arms!) I sent an apron in Americana colors - in plenty of time for Fourth of July!


and for my good friend, Regina, I made a cute little (about a 6 inch cube) fabric block made from an old quilt...


"HUH?!?!" you say.

Well, my mom sent me a link to another blog with this cute project to do with wood and paper. Well, I had a lack of this kind of scrap wood... plenty of paper and fabric, though! So, I thought it was a FUN and cute idea and my friend, Regina, has a spectacular sense of humor! (and, some time back she had this thing on her blog about making sure to exercise more and all that get healthy jazz - that I need to be thinking about more, but I digress.) So, I recreated this craft project with fabric and a bit of iron-on transfer paper. Here's the other side of the block...


The font is a little hard to read on this photo. Just in case you cannot read it, here's what it says:
1. Place block on the floor.
2. Walk in a circle around the block, then repeat.
3. Sit down.
4. Relax.

You just walked around the block twice!!
I got such a giggle out of this funny craft! I need to make one for my house to use at Thanksgiving and other times when I seem to over indulge and don't have it in me to take a real walk!

Anyway, I hope the girls enjoyed their goofy prizes!!

Go visit Amy and see what/if she or anyone else is crafting these days!


  1. Wonderful projects!!!! Love that block!! :) Wish it was that easy. Love, G.

  2. The prizes were not goofy at all! I was delighted with both of them! :o)
    Thanks again for sharing your creativity with me!
    Aunt S.

  3. i actually have pictures of the block to post but have been so lame in posting lately they are just sitting on my computer.
    and, HA, i didnt realize it was a dog dish placemat. i thought you made a bump cloth for the dog ;)

  4. LOL! How cute!
    You are such a good seamstress!


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