Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The longest run-on sentence ever...

Happy 1st Day of Summer!!!

We are STILL "on the road" for our trip... We have raced along I-80 to hit a family wedding in Grand Island Nebraska (stopping overnight to see Uncle Ikey and Aunt Weeeeeesah's new house... so spacious!!), visited with very dear friends, attended a polka dance where "Grandpa Tractor" played his tuba, toured the new addition and remodel at Grandma D's place (yes, it is Grandpa's, too... but it is REALLY Grandma's I suspect!!), visited the Great-Grands at their homes, played at the Lincoln Children's Museum with some great friends, cruised across Iowa on I-80 to Illinois where we stood as dwarves next to Pop Pop's tomato plants (the secret: threaten them to grow or they will get ripped out of the earth. I am certain that they would grow even better with a more gentle hand!), explored Geemah's (same story here... I imagine it is "Geemah's"!!) new bathroom remodel, we ran into town to see Aunt JoJo's new living room furniture, we ran back across Iowa and stayed in a small town in north central Nebraska with Uncle Arty, headed out to Rapid City, SD to stay and play at "WaTiki" water park resort for a night (experienced a NASTY storm where we had to pull over on the side of the interstate and wait for the golf-ball and quarter-sized hail to pass over before continuing on - hail is much louder in a car than in a safe and cozy home!), finally - today, we busted our hump across north eastern Wyoming and up to Billings, MT and across on the interstate and have holed up in some "Fork" town in south central Montana. WHEW!

We are having fun, but are tired and really ready to find our home!!! Traveling with an infant is "interesting" and I think I enjoy being at home, better!! We hope to be home... soon! I don't know how many more days it will be before we get there, our traveling didn't go as smoothly today as it did in the earlier days!! Soon, my own bed and kitchen... and toys and books for the kids!!

We've taken a few pictures, but not near as many as on previous trips - I will get to those later, after we settle into our routine at home!! Hope that your summer has started off with a big bang, too!


  1. We just got home from our big trip, too. Call me when you get a minute--we'd love to see you the next time you're headed up to our thriving metropolis!

  2. Glad to see you made it safely home now and had a good time on your adventures cross country! We LOVED seeing you all and are thankful for our time with you and the kids!!! Miss you already!



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