Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Western Wednesday :: Patience & The Grand Entry

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Anticipation was pretty high as we piled into our seats early. We didn't want to miss anything. So, we probably (OK, ok, we REALLY) got there early. It was even early by Pops' standards and he would like to be seated for church 25 minutes - or even 30 minutes before hand! So, we were early. 

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A few other people in the grandstands behind the bucking shoots were early, too. At least we all had room to stretch out and not feel boxed in!?!

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But, getting somewhere early without a book in hand is not my Bud's idea of a good time. Nothing was happening, nothing to read, heat was starting to settle on him and he was looking to choose boredom as the feeling.

DSC_0045 photo file-3.jpg

But, you could see this little sprout grinning behind! Yea - she likes a rodeo. She was finding things to be excited about...

DSC_0047 photo file-4.jpg

Like the rodeo contestant sitting only a few rows ahead of us!!

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Pops is already dreaming of next year's Round-Up - advertised on the general admission bleachers across the way.

DSC_0049 - Version 2 photo file-6.jpg

Nice picture by Pops, eh? Zoomed in to see that they have to be prepared with a medical stretcher/backboard - just in case...

DSC_0050 photo file-7.jpg

It is fun to see the excitement building over by the bucking shoots, loading those bareback broncs into the shoots for the first event...

DSC_0051 photo file-8.jpg

Seeing another contestant come sit in the rows in front of us...

DSC_0053 photo file-9.jpg

The count-down timer had started on the scoreboard and was down to only 2 minutes left until show time! 

DSC_0060 photo file-10.jpg

Then, it all began with a BANG!

DSC_0062 photo file-11.jpg

Out came the American Flag on horseback...

DSC_0064 photo file-12.jpg

and a tribal flag and a Canadian flag! All at full speed, jumping the fence and into the arena!!

DSC_0066 photo file-13.jpg

The National Anthem was sung by the sister of Reba McEntire, Susie McEntire. WOW - do they sound like sisters or what!?!! I didn't know that it was Susie until after she sang and they said who it was. I was listening and thinking, "Sheesh! Opening day with the big guns - Reba on day one!?" But, it was her sister and she sounded wonderful and the "bombs bursting in air" was a great addition!

DSC_0067 photo file-14.jpg

The official opening day of Round-Up was Wednesday, September 11th, so the flag flew at half-staff.

DSC_0068 photo file-15.jpg

After the National Anthem, the Pendleton Round-Up Queen and Princesses entered the arena...

DSC_0069 photo file-16.jpg

and they ride at full speed around the arena greeting the spectators!

DSC_0071 photo file-17.jpg

Everyone cheers and the festivities begin!!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! The girls look so cute in their pink cowboy hats!
    Aunt S.

  2. Pretty sure that Branch was smiling at... ME. Not that rodeo bum Trevor Brazil. After all, I took that picture! How could she not be smiling at ME?!?!?!???
    - POPS


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