Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ruff Weekend

It was a sad weekend for our family as we had to say our last goodbyes to our old faithful fur-friend, Scarlett Eve. She was just over 12.5 years old and she has lived with us for just over 12 years! That is quite a long time in Boxer dog years!! She was ancient, but had a serious will to live!! I could go on and on about all that she fought through in her 12.5 years - but, I will instead use this ONE blog post to remember her, to chuckle at her funny side and to have a place to go and look at many pictures that bring me joy. I wish that I had more pictures of her from before 2008... this grouping of pictures will be missing those first 7 years of her life with us. I can't remember where I put all those old pictures of her, right now!! So, if you'd like to take a trip down memory lane with me - hang on for a long ride... I took pictures of my fur-kid as much as my two-legged kids!! If not - that's ok, stop back by later when I am moving on to other topics!

Scarlett Eve

Scarlett Dog graying face photo file-15.jpg
Always up for a ride in the car. This was when she was starting to turn "grey" and we were becoming shocked by how much less black there was on her face!!
100_0653.JPG photo file-16.jpg
At Cape Blanco Lighthouse in Port Orford, OR
100_0668.JPG photo file-17.jpg
My mom bought this hat for Bud for his birthday and we were going to put it away for later. But, we really were curious how it would look "on." Scarlett was our guinea pig for this kind of stuff more often than not.
100_0672.JPG photo file-18.jpg
She was RARELY amused.
DSC_0032.JPG photo file-19.jpg
There was a squirrel up this tree and she was sure she could get to it.
DSC_0044.JPG photo file-20.jpg
She loved being on the beach with us!
DSC_0050.JPG photo file-21.jpg
It was fun to watch her try to catch the waves, the foam and taste the salty water!
DSC_0053.JPG photo file-22.jpg
Sometimes those waves would try to get her...
DSC_0073.JPG photo file-23.jpg
But, she was game and ready to attack again!
DSC_0089.JPG photo file-24.jpg
A little closer... a little closer...
DSC_0091.JPG photo file-25.jpg
DSC_0104.JPG photo file-26.jpg
Almost got her feet that time!!
DSC_0116.JPG photo file-27.jpg
She went with us everywhere. This was a hike in July 2008.
DSC_0137.JPG photo file-28.jpg
We were up on a cliff on the southern Oregon coast. (Blossom wasn't too interested in the hiking part!!)
DSC_0149.JPG photo file-29.jpg
We were celebrating and memorializing the short life of our Brody,  as we do every year with a balloon release.
DSC_0051.JPG photo file-30.jpg
I love those perked up alert ears!
Photos-81 photo file.jpg
She joined us on our very first family camping trip in Teton National Park. Surely, she kept the bears away!
Photos-1247 photo file-31.jpg
Visiting family at Lake Mac in Nebraska
Photos-1459 photo file-32.jpg
One of her very favorite things... a farm pond!
Photos-1464 photo file-33.jpg
I wish there were sound effects available for these pictures!
Photos-1466 photo file-34.jpg
She is chasing frogs all over the pond and in the field.
Photos-1469 photo file-35.jpg
I loved watching her hunt the frogs... all alert and ready to get one!!
Photos-1472 photo file-36.jpg
Something must have escaped from the pond!!
Photos-1484 photo file-38.jpg
Ah, Scarlett, you'll get it!! Keep after it!!
Photos-1485 photo file-39.jpg
One of the only times Scarlett would enter the water of her own desire. Not much of a swimmer, our girl.
Photos-1494 photo file-40.jpg
The hunt continued through the weeds and she ran and ran and ran... This is what I imagine for her afterlife "over the rainbow bridge"... It makes me feel happy to think that she is snorting and snuffing and running and jumping and keeping her tail curled up  and ears all perky. 
Photos-1506 photo file-41.jpg
As she would trot along the edge of the pond, the frogs would jump into the pond just as she would almost be to them. It was so fun!!
Photos-1528 photo file-42.jpg
Pops caught a frog up on the road. But that poor ol' dog never did get ONE frog!!
Photos-1719 photo file-43.jpg
She always wanted to be included with whatever the kids were doing, even if it was just schoolwork up on the counter!
DSC_0062.JPG photo file-44.jpg
Sunbathing, whether on the sand, curled up on a blanket, rolling in the grass... sunshine made her happy.
DSC_0067.JPG photo file-45.jpg
... and tolerating me taking pictures and threatening to shade her from the sun, not so happy!!
DSC_0229.JPG photo file-46.jpg
So young with clear eyes. Still a black mask, wet nose, shiny eyes.
DSC_0230.JPG photo file-47.jpg
I loved her profile in this picture... and the clear brown of her eye. They were kind, soulful, questioning, loving and knowing eyes. She may have been a "dumb dog" to some but, my companion and very smart even when she acted crazed!
DSC_0024.JPG photo file-48.jpg
Oh, how smooth and soft that little spot on her neck under her chin was... 
DSC_0026.JPG photo file-49.jpg
Occasionally, Pops took some pictures of her. I am not sure what he was going after on this one, but her tickle-y whiskers are certainly highlighted well!
DSC_0029.JPG photo file-50.jpg
Sometimes I would wake up with this in my face!! It always made me laugh!
DSC_0105.JPG photo file-51.jpg
Right in the mix of decorating the Christmas Tree... not to be left out of anything!!
DSC_0127.JPG photo file-52.jpg
She never chewed on shoes or slippers unless she was provoked. Pops was always provoking her!!
DSC_0128.JPG photo file-53.jpg
Barking, growling, and gently chewing on his feet. Anytime was a good time for that...
DSC_0144.JPG photo file-54.jpg
She even loved the snow! Her shirt says, "I'm Mama's Dog" -- tee hee! I had to add some elastic to the bottom hem or it would drag. But, the smaller sizes wouldn't fit around her chest!!
DSC_0155.JPG photo file-55.jpg
"Mama? Let's go in the snow? Wanna, wanna, wanna??" - isn't that what she was saying?
DSC_0219.JPG photo file-56.jpg
Must've been!! I put on my coat and gloves and took her out where I made snowballs for her to catch. 
DSC_0229.JPG photo file-57.jpg
She loved eating snowballs - and Blossom thought it was "helping" Scarlett catch them by showing her to open her mouth! 
DSC_0044.JPG photo file-58.jpg
Trying to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera has always been a challenge...
DSC_0048.JPG photo file-59.jpg
And Scarlett didn't make it any easier, really!
DSC_0049.JPG photo file-60.jpg
Many many tries before we ever would have a "keeper"!!
DSC_0134.JPG photo file-61.jpg
Santa brought treats for Scarlett most years - sometimes a toy. This particular year, it was "liver treats" (and quite possibly that fancy-pants new sparkly pink collar)!
DSC_0143.JPG photo file-62.jpg
And ONE liver treat was never enough.
DSC_0219.JPG photo file-63.jpg
She kept her eye on them... 
DSC_0221.JPG photo file-64.jpg
and let us know that she was always a willing recipient of a treat!
DSC_0006 photo file-1.jpg
She loved treats and was gentle enough to take them from a baby!
DSCN0162 photo file-2.jpg
She joined us in the tornado shelter in Oklahoma!
DSCN0179 photo file-3.jpg
She thought she was a lap dog and wasn't too picky about the size of the lap she was climbing onto!!
DSCN0270 photo file-4.jpg
She did pretty good living in our funny little RV life. But, moving back to the midwest was hard for her. Hot and cold temperatures and plenty of allergens plagued her - not much of a problem out in Oregon. 
DSC_0507 photo file-5.jpg
Her dry eye got much worse with the allergens of the midwest and she eventually lost sight in both eyes.
DSC_0752 photo file-6.jpg
When we moved into a little rental house in Oklahoma, it was chilly with the door open while we unloaded the moving truck. So, these ones all curled up to stay warm and snooze as we worked into the dark night!
DSC_0314 photo file-11.jpg
Scarlett liked a good snuggle... in someone's soft cozy bed! Most often Branch's in her later years since it was lower to the ground. Before that... it was mine, at the end of the bed under the covers keeping my toes warm!!
DSC_0001 photo file-7.jpg
Often she would hog the bed. She just wanted up there with ya!
DSC_0012 photo file-8.jpg
Not sure if it was good that she lost her sight before her hearing, but at least I could clap and she would come toward my clapping hands when she was straying away. 
DSC_0025 photo file-9.jpg
Always enjoying the sunshine outdoors.
DSC_0044 - Version 2 photo file-10.jpg
I often wonder what it would have been like if Scarlett would have been able to see Mini and chase around with her!! Probably wouldn't have turned out too well, I suppose!!
DSC_0003 photo file-14.jpg
After sitting out in the sunshine and wandering away, we felt so lucky to have found our girl this past July.  And we treasured our time with her.  
DSC_0134 photo file-6.jpg
To the last moment, we loved her.


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your old friend! Your post made me cry.
    We lost our old 14 year old lab a couple of years ago. We had her for 13 years. I feel your pain.

  2. This was a really loving pictorial tribute to your beloved furry family member! It made me cry also. I bet it was hard for you to put together. :o( But, maybe a little therapeutic too. You have some great pictures to remind you of your sweet girl! I remember how hard it was to lose my Pippin boy, so I am still praying for you all. Love from Aunt S.

  3. So sweet! Loved seeing all the pictures and still praying for you all!


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