Thursday, October 3, 2013

Visiting Our Friends in Oregon!!

We arrived at our Friends' home in Oregon after our salt flat stop in Utah - but it was pretty late. It was dark out and we were ready to be out of the van for a LONG time!! The kids played late into the night and Jessica and I talked and talked and talked... I reminded her again that I know that guests and fish have something in common - they both start stinking after about 3 days! So, we could stay for a short time and then move on and do some other things, or our schedule would allow us to be there for FIVE nights!! She graciously said we would have so much fun and we would not wear out our welcome. So, we gave it a whirl!!

The night we arrived was dark and picture-less! The next morning we got up a little groggy, but Jessica made some yummy apple puff pancakes to get us going for breakfast! Pops and Bud went salmon fishing and Jessica's "Captain" and "Rascal" went to a birthday party for most of the day (that worked out just right - they had plans and Bud could go fishing without thinking he was missing out on playing with his pals!). While they went to town, I stayed back with my younger three and two of Jessica's girls, "Twinkle Toes" and "Chiquita" and one of her sons, "Snuggles." It wasn't long before the kids spotted some deer for photographing!

DSC_0040 photo file.jpg

But, I had more fun photographing the kids playing outside!

DSC_0043 photo file-1.jpg

My Branch and Jessica's Twinkle Toes have so much silly fun together!

DSC_0058 photo file-8.jpg

We think that they should move to Nebraska to the house down the street that is for sale... They think we need to move back to Oregon! 

DSC_0059 photo file-9.jpg

I think SOMETHING needs to make us able to see each other more often!

DSC_0044 photo file-2.jpg

Bump had fun climbing on their play structure...

DSC_0045 photo file-3.jpg

And liked climbing and playing with anyone who was available! With soooo many kids running around all the time, no one ever had to be without a playmate!

DSC_0050 photo file-4.jpg

Branch loves their wonderful yard. Lots of trees, a tree swing, a great play structure, regular deer visitors - only dislike is its distance from our house and all the neighborhood dogs that come "visiting" at full speed ahead!!

DSC_0051 photo file-5.jpg

While we were there, the weather was blistering in Nebraska and we were so thankful to be comfortable playing outdoors! I was actually surprised by how green things already were! There had been a little bit of rain and it was making the grass perk up just a little bit!

DSC_0054 photo file-6.jpg

Bump had tons of fun with his friend, "Snuggles." I chuckled often at their size similarity! Bump is 3.5 and Snuggles is 6!! They were matched well even with what they enjoyed doing! Playing cars, swords, chasing and exploring in the yard!

DSC_0056 photo file-7.jpg

Not certain about what was so intriguing out there, but I have a feeling it was sticks and leaves... ;)

DSC_0061 photo file-10.jpg

But, then there was something else drawing Bump in... Golf Balls!!!! 

DSC_0063 photo file-11.jpg

My little Blossom and Jessica's "Chiquita" were giggling inside, where they escaped to when I pulled out my camera.

DSC_0069 photo file-12.jpg

This is Ferdinand. He is doing exactly what I needed to be doing after being up late chatting and getting up early to the chatting and giggling of happy children!

DSC_0070 photo file-13.jpg

We'll visit Crater Lake National Park here at the Treehouse next week. It is too beautiful to miss!!! 

See you then!

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  1. That is the best picture of Ferd! Love it!!!

    As for my daughter... What on EARTH is she wearing? Took me awhile to realize those are the (way too big) "golf shorts" that were stored under her bed. And she needs her hair brushed too! I was too busy having fun visiting with you to even notice! ;)

    And YES you do need to move back to OR! We miss you guys so so much!


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