Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Fun

I know I have disappeared again for a bit... We had a wee bit of company and I have been busy in my sewing room. My folks were here visiting and then took the treekids with them on a little mini-vacation to Breckenridge, CO. Pops and I had moments of staring at each other wondering what to do with ourselves. He found plenty for us to fill up our time with and all of my sewing for the weekend and not fussing over meals plans were thwarted! Rats. Oh, well... I did do quite a bit of canning since we had visited the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch and I love homemade/chunky spicy applesauce!

Here are the treekids with Geemah & Grandpa.

DSC_0068 photo file.jpg

At a fun place like this, you better "snap fast" or your photo opportunity falls apart!!

DSC_0070 photo file-1.jpg

Bud is always giving bunny ears or crossed eyes and it was time for him to get a little return ears!

DSC_0074 photo file-2.jpg

My mom thought we needed a picture, too... so, we got up there in the stinky rotting hale bales, too. Some of "us" could smile through the stink, others... not so much!

DSC_0077 photo file-3.jpg

I think I told him to fake that it smelled good or something. In hindsight, if I would have just said pretend it smells like all those cow patties... and at least he would have grinned and not looked so PAINED...

DSC_0078 photo file-4.jpg

I thought he needed a little cheer... so, such is the progression of photos in our family. With the advent of digital, no one will mess up any "expensive film"... just delete or laugh later!!

DSC_0079 photo file-5.jpg

The corn box... I liked it soooo much better than the sandbox. This was pretty cool, but Pops reminded us of how expensive it probably was with all that corn!

DSC_0080 photo file-6.jpg

Then we were off to the pumpkin patch - a couple kids hitched a ride! But, might just be a little frightened that they'll fall out (or get DUMPED out!!)

DSC_0088 photo file-7.jpg

I enjoyed looking in the piles of pumpkins along the edge of the patch. I walked into the patch for a bit and realized that I would be much better off not trying to hop over the vines! So, I left that to the more stable/non-pregnant folks on the hunt...

DSC_0090 photo file-8.jpg

There were pumpkins of ALL sizes, but of course, the most ginormous ones were the sought after ones...

DSC_0095 photo file-9.jpg

Bigger is better? Well, not so much when mom tells you that you have to be able to carry it out of the pumpkin patch to be able to take it home!! I know, a complete kill-joy I am!

DSC_0096 photo file-10.jpg

We chose several jack-o-lanterns, a cinderella, a white one, some kind of blue moon and a sweet meat. I still have some processing to do with the pumpkins... The treekids will enjoy carving the jacks and Pops will season and roast the seeds. I will have to roast all of the sweet pumpkins for preserving for pies and muffins and bread this winter!!

DSC_0103 photo file-11.jpg

I love seeing the determination of this little boy. He is still three, but is getting so excited about his birthday next month!!

DSC_0110 photo file-12.jpg

DSC_0113 photo file-13.jpg

DSC_0114 photo file-14.jpg

DSC_0118 photo file-15.jpg

Always a little help from his daddy to finish the job!!

...I'll be back to share more, soon...


  1. Enjoyed sharing in the fun through your great photos! Thanks for taking the time to blog; I love hearing & seeing about all the activities of your lovely family!
    Love, Aunt S.

  2. You guys are always off doing fun things. Will you adopt me? Our family never did any real fun things growing up. We were told that we would go on vacation when the youngest got older. The problem with that was they kept on having younger ones. Alan and Lisa are the only ones that got to go on some trips. You have wonderful kids and your kids have wonderful parents.


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