Thursday, December 23, 2010

hustle bustle

Today we are still hustle bustling about getting ready for CHRISTMAS! It is ONLY 2 more "go to sleeps" until Christmas morning!

This morning we wrapped a few more presents... we are nearly finished with all that! We worked on some sugar cookie dough that I hope to roll out and bake tonight - decorating them tomorrow morning. Then, this afternoon we popped over to the store to pick up the few ingredients to make these easy yummy treats that the TreeKids helped make over at Jessica's house last week.

Pops has taken the big treekids to the library to return books and possibly check out another couple. They are also stopping at the post office to drop our Christmas letter into the mail... all 200 of them! Yes, we are behind - if you are expecting one... don't think we deleted you. The mail will get it to you next week - if they don't lose them!!

While Bump is still napping, I am off to the sewing machine... I have to make the bottom green part of four more stockings and then sew them to their tops and I will be done!!

Hopefully you are experiencing a more peaceful advent than this! We have had enough slow and contemplative days that now we are in hustle mode!!

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