Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello, Friends!

So... Pops' knee seems to be doing better. The swelling is going down (it WAS the size of one of those sort of cute personal sized watermelons - cute as a melon... not so much as a knee) and he is limping around. Ice is good. Tylenol is better. Ted hose are ... attractive? Yea - takin' all that a little far. Things are trying to move ahead in a normal fashion!

I have been bustling about. I bought some fabric back in 2008 to sew some matching stockings for our family. I didn't get it done that year. I didn't get them done LAST year. I am working on getting them done for THIS year! Do I think I will finish? I hope so!!

I am tired of the arguing over whose turn it is to use which stockings... we have a blue stocking, a red stocking (both of those two stockings Pops and I used when we were first married), a purple stocking (a gift from a beloved friend), a stocking with bear that has my name appliqued on it (from my childhood), a cheapy red stocking (purchased for Pops to use when Blossom was born so that there were enough to go around) and a cheapy reindeer stocking (purchased last year for a dollar for Bump once I knew that there was no chance I would get those stockings made). So... the girls both want the purple one and then they don't and then they do ... I need to have 6 that look exactly the same - with some initials on them. SO - that is what I am humming away on my machine to sew before the end of the week. I am in assembly line mode... cut all pieces, sew 6 loops, sew 6 cuffs etc... rushing rushing rushing!!


Not the best photo... but it'll work for now - I am in a hurry! The computer is being crowded out by the sewing machine! Off to finish the other 5 stockings!


  1. Glad Pop is healing! Oh, the excitement of Christmas time! I know you will get those stockings done and hung ready for Santa to fill. Love to all, G.

  2. You are amazing! I love the new stocking! Tell Pops & kids "hello" and MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us! Glad to hear the Pops is getting around alright... be out fishing again before you know it! We will MISS you all at x-mas but hope to see you all soon!

    Love, L3M2B


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