Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #50

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, Dec 7, 2010...

Outside my window... 52 degrees, drizzly and DARK! IT is 10 pm and I am just getting to sit down at my computer for the first time for more than a quick pass by for important emails that may have dropped in from outer space.

I am thinking... happy thoughts.
  • This is my 50th "daybook" - that is a LOT of doing the same kind of thing, for me!!!
  • I see lots and lots and lots of carpet in my loft space tonight!
  • I love the weather in Oregon... even the wet, chilly, winters!!

I am thankful for... a mom who is helping me reorganize and in a sense "stage" my home for our upcoming house listing (crossing fingers!) and four lovely children who were able to busy themselves very well today while we made big changes!

From the learning rooms... Yippppeeeee! Newly reorganized learning room as of today! We will again be using our loft space for school. Things are being accomplished, albeit slowly with Geemah here (she's too fun to want to sit still and get school work accomplished!). Tomorrow is a "no school" day. Thursday is a field trip!!

From the kitchen...

Tues: Spaghetti
Wed: Chicken something
Thurs: Hamburgers
Fri: Out at our local Mexican place?? It might be the very last time Geemah gets to eat there...
Sat: Breakfast
Sun: Roast
Mon: BBQ Sandwiches

I am creating... order and organization. and some St. Nicholas day cupcakes with Blossom, yesterday - YUM! They were super cute and SUPER tasty! I'll try to post pictures later. Pops has my "card reader" for getting all the pictures off my camera, though!

I am going... just a little loopy with several late nights with my mom! It has been fun, though! She went to bed early, tonight and where am I??? Sitting at the computer catching up!

I am hoping... To check EVERYTHING off of my "to do" list before Christmas! (it is a long to do list, so I should probably do more than HOPE!!)

I am hearing... the soothing sounds of the ocean. Don't get too excited... it is a white noise machine!! Everyone else is snug as a bug in a rug.

Around the house... Tidy Living Room: check! Tidy Dining Area: check! Tidy Storage Closets: check!! Tidy Craft Closet: check! Tidy and Reorganized Loft: CHECK!!! Relatively Tidy Kids' Rooms: check! Need to work on Master Suite, a bit in the laundry room, and the counters in the kitchen!! YIPPEEE! AND the laundry is mostly caught up!

One of my favorite things... newly rearranged furniture. I always like a fresh look in a room!

A few plans for the rest of the week... trip to the big town tomorrow, again on Thursday for a field trip, all spare at home time will be working on my monster to do list with my mom! She is definitely helping get things in order in some areas of the house! She leaves this weekend... she'll sleep lots at home. I will do more over the weekend before Pops heads out to Denver. Working on house stuff as well as trying to get all of my Christmas shopping completed!

A picture thought I am sharing... "Beautifying" Almost exactly 2 years ago... Boy, how time has flown! (Ages: Branch 5.5 yrs, Blossom 3.5 yrs!)



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