Thursday, December 16, 2010

Greetings from...

insanity central!

So... here's a quick run down since I last found time to type.

Wed, Dec 8 - Entire loft decluttered and rearranged with the help of Geemah (an ALL. Day. Project.)

Thurs, Dec 9 - Went on a really fun field trip with the kids to a one room schoolhouse where we had 1800s school for the whole morning

Fri, Dec 10 - online Christmas shopping with slow slow slow dsl internet, supper out with Geemah and the fam before she headed to the big city for her early morning flight

Sat, Dec 11 - Pops and the big kids went steelhead fishing all morning while I slept in with Bump then had some fun playing without interruption! After lunch, we piled in and went out for the great Grizwold Christmas Tree hunt... we found one that the treekids cut down. It is a nice 7.5 ft tree - but had a rather skinny trunk. After we got it home and in a bucket of water, we headed out for a small town chili feed and a trucker lighted parade (pictures to come on most of this stuff).

Sun, Dec 12 - Church in the morning, house and tree decorating in the late afternoon and evening

Mon, Dec 13 - Dentist appts for Pops and the big kids, finishing up Christmas shopping for Bump and I, fun at the park while the rain stopped with a big bucket of KFC with 4 missing pieces of chicken. Hmmmmm.

Tues, Dec 14 - Girls and I baked cookies for their Little Flowers cookie swap and made gifts for each of them to take for the homemade gift/ornament exchange. SHOOT - forgot to take pictures of that. Crossing fingers that Jessica will!!

Wed, Dec 15 - Ran some errands and took the big kids to Jessica's house for a few days. There is a Little Flowers meeting Thursday so they'll be there for that while I am busy playing "nurse." Headed up to the bigger city with Bump to pick up Pops from the airport.

Thurs, Dec 16 (today) - sitting in a hotel getting ready to take Pops to the orthopedic doctors so that they can do some fancy surgery to fix his knee which has a torn lateral meniscus, a high school football injury. Wishing I would have remembered to bring my camera or at least the memory card and card reader. With this fancy fast internet service, I could upload all of my pictures for the next MONTH in the time that I normally upload for one day. Grrrrr. Oh, well. We plan to head home after the surgery and set him up with some DVR watching the National Finals Rodeo... we know it is over. We haven't finished watching it, so don't go and ruin it for us! We've heard it was REALLY good. Tomorrow, we'll get the big kids back from all of their fun with Jessica and her family. What a kind and generous offer to keep the treekids while we deal with knee stuff! She is such a sweetheart... but, if you know her from her blog, already - you would already assume so!! :)

Please keep Pops in your prayers as he has surgery today and as he recovers throughout these next few days or weeks!

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