Monday, April 19, 2010

Pioneer Woman Event!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! There are nearly a gazillion people waiting here
and it is blasted hot - even here on the floor with bump and branch!!!

I saw a blog (& in real life) friend, Angela... She's been here since
2:30/3:00ish!! And I've met some other super great gals.

Am I crazy for driving 3.5 hours to attend this? Dunno, but she'll be
here in 4 minutes!!!!


Sent from my iPod - lovin' WiFi in Portland!!!!


  1. Ooh, you are crazy! ;) About as crazy as me--I'm taking 5 kids into Hy-Vee later because I have hamburgers planned for supper and we're out of ketchup.

    When you meet your new BFF, tell her that I LOVE Crash Potatoes and worship the kitchen floor she walks on.

    (You wouldn't really tell her that, would you?)

  2. WHAT???? I missed this! You should have called me! I wanted to go!! I am soooooooo jealous and so behind on my blog reading!!

  3. Looks like I am even more behind with reading than Amy!! So glad you had the opportunity to go!


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