Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #30

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, April 27, 2010...

Outside my window... THe sun just came out - it has been raining, pouring and drizzling all day! It is 57 degrees.

I am thinking... that "baby weight" doesn't melt off when you are nursing, if you indulge your cravings. I don't know what kind of "diet" I can go on while nursing a baby - my pediatrician informed me that I can't cut fats out of my diet for milk production. I should cut out sugars - but that is so hard if I don't cut out all carb stuff. Any suggestions for losing the weight while nursing?!?!!!

I am thankful for... a healthy chubby baby who seems to have no problem in the weight gain department, either! (But, why is it CUTE on him and not me!?!?!!!)

From the learning rooms... Back on track! We are working our way to the end of the year... depending on how we go at it, we basically have 36 days left?? I am not certain on that - but it is a close estimate!

From the kitchen... my "big meal" plans

Tues: Chicken Pot Pie
Wed: Roast
Thurs: Take - Out
Fri: Pork Chops
Sat: Breakfast
Sun: Steaks & Twice Baked Potatoes!
Mon: Spaghetti

I am wearing... I think I should delete this question from here! I am always wearing a pair of gray yoga type pants. I have several different pairs: one is plain, one has a turquoise stripe on the leg, the other has "huskers" running down the leg and "University of Nebraska" on the hip. I have a few other things that I do wear... but it seems that it is my Tuesday Uniform to wear a pair of cozy pants!

I am creating... secrets.

I am going... to book club, tonight, at a local library.

I am reading... nothing! I finished "The Help" for book club and haven't read a thing this past week. Maybe the next book option for book club will inspire me and I will pick it up.

I am hoping... that Bump cooperates and is pleasant this evening and that his teething won't be bothering him much tonight while we are talking about the book tonight - yes, he is coming along!

I am hearing... Bump cooing, as he is just waking, the girls are arguing about the make-believe they are playing, and for once, Bark is NOT snoring!! She is chilled and kind of shivering over on the other couch, though. Poor old dog!

Around the house... Quiet and calm.

One of my favorite things... when my treekids rub lotion on my feet!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Book club tonight, the girls' LAST Little Flowers meeting on Thursday, a Little Flowers Tea Party on Sunday

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Blossom's little kitty goes by more than one name...
Officially "Licorice" but called "Meow Meow," "Mrow Mrow," "Kitty," "11:45" (it isn't black enough to be midnight... it has a few little white spots, but Bud refutes this by saying it IS dark enough to be midnight - it just has a couple stars out!), and by Pops - "That 'Dern' Cat." Turns out this kitty earns her keep these days... she is an awesome mouser!!!

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  1. You misspelled the name of "That Dam Cat."

  2. That picture of Blossom and the cat is very cool - love the contrast.

    I read "The Help" too. Did you like it? I thought it was very good. Not my most favorite ever, but very good.


  3. I must start by saying that your children are SO beautiful and photogenic that all of mine gathered around the computer to "ooh" and "ahh"!

    I can totally relate to wishing that the weight would drop off as, in theory, it is reputed to do while nursing. Hang in there, though. Give yourself some time. Maybe start taking walks. That always helped me.

    Also, since you can't cut fats, make sure you're getting good fats, like avocado, for instance. Sugar is the enemy. Make sure you use something natural, and only in moderation. Eat your carbs earlier in the day and limit them at night. Drink lots and lots of water. Fortunately, nursing allows you a nighttime snack.

    I'm sure there's more advice to give, but you don't know me, and I probably said more than I should already. :-)

    I so, so, so enjoyed your post! Blessings to you all!

  4. Boy, you hit it with me when you complained about not being able to take off baby weight while nursing. Me either! My sisters-in-law and some of my friends have said that nursing is a good weight loss program for them but not for me! Seems that no matter what I do (exercise, lack of sugar), the pounds just hang on--and even multiply--until I wean my child. Once the child is weaned, the exercise and calorie cutting works well! I tried to get into shorts when it got warm, only to find out that the only thing that fits me are the maternity items I had from last summer. Grrrr. That was a low point. My mother also said that she could not lose weight while nursing. *sigh* Oh, the things we do for our beautiful children. ;)


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