Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #29

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, April 20, 2010...

Outside my window... A light drizzly rain and only 52 degrees this morning.

I am thinking... the world of blogging is super fun! It is an outlet for me to share my life, meet other homeschooling moms and non-homeschooling folks as well. It is a twenty-first century front porch swing. Sit a spell and chat with me or some other new friend!!

I am thankful for... Pops. He rearranged his schedule AND provided chauffeur service so that I could meet The Pioneer Woman last night!!

From the learning rooms... doing a bit here and there this week... maybe some real life application for learning - that sounds SUPER important doesn't it?!?!!

From the kitchen... my "big meal" plans

Tues: Spaghetti
Wed: I want to try a new recipe... hmmm
Thurs: Stir Fry
Fri: left overs for me/out to eat for the rest of the fam... they are off to Portland to pick up cousins and Uncle Ikey!!
Sat: Pulled Pork
Sun: Pizza??
Mon: Steaks

I am wearing... Gray. Gray. Gray. yoga pants, tshirt, ponytail holder. ALL gray. What a boring look I have going on, here!

I am creating... a few gifts to send.

I am going... to want to have a spring hibernation next week!! I think that after all the busy-ness of this month, I will be craving some "hole-up-in-the-house" time!!

I am reading... I JUST finished "The Help" by some lovely author... it is a popular book right now, I could go look up the author's name, but you google "The Help" and you'll find it I'm sure! It is a yellow book. It is set back in the 50s/60s and is a story about the relationships between the affluent white people and their black maid/nanny. I really enjoyed it - but, plan to spend a fair chunk of time on it! It is looooong!! Now, I am reading a book about Birth Order by someone with some kind of boring descriptive title. The author's forward tells that he suggested a much better title (in my opinion, and his as well!) to the publisher, but they turned it down. Would you pick up a book titled, "Why Abel Had it Coming to Him"?? I think it sounds funny and shares more of the humor of the author than a title like "blah blah Birth Order blah blah book". But, no one asked me, I suppose! I am also reading over the recipes in The Pioneer Woman Cooks - I have tried several and have enjoyed them. I think I will try her rustic apple pie looking thing next. I don't recall its real name, but it looks tasty!!!

I am hoping... to make time this week to get a to do list written out and completed from top to bottom. Being realistic is a bit of a challenge for me in list making, at times!

I am hearing... local country radio, Van Zant singing ... hillbilly bong da bong da bong bong ... Yee Haw!

Around the house... company gone, company coming... freshen up! Sheets and towels need a-washin' and the sweeping needs to be done. OH, and where on earth did my kitchen counter disappear to? What? You say it is THERE? I just have to look UNDER and AROUND and I will find it? Well, I suppose that means I need to drag a large sized trash receptacle in there to attack THAT job!

One of my favorite things... that a totally normal, out in the country girl played around on her computer, did goofy things, shared how she cooked up a meal and WAH-LAH, wrote her recipes down, published her cookbook and now gets to go around exploring the countryside and meeting all her fans. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!!! (and I realize that it didn't just POOF happen, she had to work at it...)

A few plans for the rest of the week... uh, see this post - I am not wanting to type it all out again!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...


Bump tuckered out at the PW event last night... You can see The Pioneer Woman in the background - it is all fuzzy, but she is on the left hand side. More and better pictures to come!! (But, I need to find my kitchen counters, first!)

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