Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uh, whadya say?

A little background... Pops and I usually purchase our cuts of meat "whole in the bag" and Pops cuts the steaks and roasts to size and I help by doing the vacuum sealing for freezing. Now, on to the story!

For our Epiphany celebration, we decided to prepare tenderloin steaks or as many people know them... "Filet Mignon." So, we had a whole tenderloin from which Pops had to slice the steaks. As he was slicing by the sink, Blossom was standing off to the side watching while she held her doll. In all the hustle-bustle activity in the kitchen for preparing the meal... She said sort of to no one in particular and in a slightly dejected tone,

"I KNOW. We're having snake for dinner."

What a hoot she is! I am not sure if sNake is something that people actually eat somewhere, but it isn't going to be served in my HOME! (I promise you that, Blossom!!) We'll stick to eating sTeaks!

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