Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Review 2009

Well, the twelve days of Christmas are over. We had a wonderful time and I would like to share some pictures of all the fun. It is going to have to come in parts as I never know just how long I can get sitting and loading pictures! So, hopefully over the weekend, I will post all sorts of pictures of the festivities!!


Here's li'l ol' me in my santa hat from Blossom! (And don't miss out on seeing the burp cloth on my shoulder... I think that one is now always there - whether burping babe or not!!)

And by the way... I hope that all of you who had a "White Christmas" enjoyed it!! I am sorry about all the cold and snow that is continuing and you are having all that fuss to deal with. Today, here it is sunshiny and 50 degrees. My treekids are wearing short sleeves and think that it is picnic weather! I am obliging the picnic for lunch - but, it is having to be indoors. We have had some rain and therefore the deck and the grass is all wet (besides the fact that Pops just fertilized the lawn the other day and that might not go well with eating!!). Here's hoping that you get some warmer weather to thaw yourselves out!!

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