Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Christmas presents???

A box arrived from Illinois! In it we found some presents from Geemah, Grandpa & Aunt JoJo!!

The treekids were super-duper excited about the cards they got from Geemah & Grandpa with "paper money" inside!! (They love to go to the bank to deposit their money, but learned a somewhat disappointing lesson a few weeks ago... putting your money in the bank does not yield great returns! Around five cents for a YEAR is not so spectacular!!)

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Branch was thrilled with a baby doll play-yard...
Photobucket Photobucket

Blossom love love LOVED her Princess Ariel dress (handmade by Geemah! - more pictures to come)
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And Bud was all fired up over his Mythbusters science kit about air pressure!
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Aunt JoJo hit a few home-runs herself!!

Branch loves her big soft Hello Kitty...
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I'm sure that you can tell that Blossom LOVED her Ariel Doll!
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Bud was jazzed to go and suck up some bugs outside with his new bug vacuum!
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Fun times to be had for sure with all those presents that have arrived during this Christmas Season!! I am exhausted, though! It is a good thing that this chaos only happens once a year!

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  1. Bet Geemah, Grandpa, & Aunt JoJo wish they could have been there in person to see the tree-kids open those great presents! But, the pictures do a good job of showing the excitement & delight!
    Aunt S.


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