Monday, November 2, 2009

My Daybook, Entry #7

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Monday, Nov 2, 2009...

Outside my window... 45 degrees, sunshine. Should get to the mid-sixties today.

I am thinking... That it is going to be getting dark too soon in the evening.

I am thankful for... a brood of healthy and happy children who realized this past week that they really like each other and miss each other when they aren't all together!

From the learning rooms... Back to school... Week 11 in our plans and "E" week for "Along the Alphabet Path"

From the kitchen...
Monday: Pops put a roast in the crock pot... it smells good. I think that is what we'll have tonight - hope he wasn't planning something else with that!!
Tuesday: Deviled Eggs with something... ham. That sounds good together, I think.
Wednesday: Breakfast for Supper!! Poached eggs and Pops' cheesy scrambled eggs!
Thursday: Chicken Tenders
Friday: OUT! (Please!!)
Saturday: Chili
Sunday: Spaghetti

I am wearing... Comfy non-restricting clothes. NOthing spectacular... just comfy. We're staying home today and it SHOWS!! Please, please, please... no one come to the door today!!

I am creating... A baby sling/pouch and an embellished baby onesie for a family member's recently delivered newborn.

I am going... To tidy and organize the loft/school area this week and make room for a "Moses Basket" that I purchased for this new little bundle!

I am reading... How to make a custom baby sling/pouch!

I am hoping... That this week goes really smoothly!

I am hearing... A discussion about what a chili dog is. Lunch is quickly approaching and that is what is on today's lunch menu... with a side of pickle... Claussen - is there any other?

Around the house... need to tidy and tidy and tidy and clean floors. Sweep, Mop, Vacuum...

One of my favorite things... snuggling under a big thick quilt with a hot cuppa sumpthin'. The hot beverage depends on the time of day!!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Learning, cleaning, regular ob appt, possible trip near the end of the week, a lovely baby celebration for baby on the way - hosted by Jessica - how sweet, eh?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...




Trick Or Treat!

Branch: A Beautiful Fairy

Blossom: Ariel, The Little Mermaid, as a Bride Marrying Prince Eric

Bud: Not pictured, attended the OSU game with Pops and trick or treated in a different town as an "Elk Hunter"

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  1. Oh, what prettiful, gorgeous girls! A fairy and Ariel ~ good choices. And even Bud was wearing an appropriate costume. (though we didn't see a pic of him) And menu planning is back. Hope it is a good week for all too. Love, G.

  2. Your girls are the cutest ever - well,next to mine of course!

    Love the costumes!


  3. Oh what FUN costumes! I had to chuckle at Blossom's white wedding dress- brings back memories of x-mas past! They both looked beautiful and I am sending air hugs and kisses to them all!

    Lisa of the L3M3B fam

  4. Your children are beautiful in their costumes. I know they had a wonderful time. The pot roast sounds great. I haven't cooked one in a while. I love them. I hope you have a great week. Doylene


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