Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Box in the Mail!!

Geemah has been busy at her house sewing away for my girls. She sent this last week for Branch - do you think my girl liked it??


Yep! She loved it!! I should have taken an up close of the fabric... it is all western!!! I love it when my mom is feeling all inspired to be creative and sewing!!! She is busy like a bee and I will have lots of pictures to post of new fun things, soon, I am sure!!


A cute outfit was sent for Blossom a few days later - but, I had to send it back for some alterations!! More pics when it arrives here again!!


  1. ADORABLE! Oh my gosh - that is sooooo cute!

    Can I be in your family so that Geemah will sew for me and my kids???

  2. Oh goodness! That is stinkin CUTE!
    Don't you wish we old folks could get away with crinoline? sigh


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