Monday, June 22, 2009

Must See List

Grand Teton National Park is stunning. Have you visited? 

Oh, my... I'm sure it is a far drive for everyone (since I don't think that anyone I know lives within an hour or two of Jackson), but it is worth it. THis park is definitely on my "Must See" list.

There is something so surreal about these majestic mountain peaks towering over the valley without any foothills in the way. Some low lying clouds were interesting, though!

We stayed and camped at Signal Mountain Campground for two nights with Pops' Brother, Sister-In-Law and 4 crazy nephews! We had a great campsite within a short walk down to the edge of Jackson Lake.

Here is the youngest nephew... he'll turn one year old next month. He is such a happy, easy going little guy. Even though he IS so happy, I think that mom and dad are very brave to go camping so far from their home in Western Nebraska with a baby!! I am not certain that I would be so brave!

We had a great fun time camping... more pictures soon!


Thanks for jumping in and leaving your thoughts!!

I sure like to know who enjoys playing around the treehouse!