Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Every 90 Minutes, plus or minus 10

That is how often Old Faithful Geyser erupts!

One day of our visit we all headed to Yellowstone to see good ol' Old Faithful spout off a few times.

Blossom was telling me how HIGH the water reached! She stretched and stretched and then said it went even higher!!

We all walked around the walkway surrounding Old Faithful and found this cute little ground squirrel that had found a little nut. It was  quick little guy and when he was finished being photographed, he jetted off like a flash.

After that walk, Branch, Blossom and I went into the lodge and had a little treat and played cards while watching and waiting for Old Faithful to spout again! The rest of the troop went on a much longer walking tour, hoping to wear out all those BOYS!!! It seemed to work, as they slept all the way back to Grand Teton National Park and our supper!

It was a fun little day trip and good for the kids to see again! A long time back, people used the geyser as a laundry... and would drop their clothing into the geyser and it would be in there with all that hot water churning around and when the geyser erupted, their clothing would fly out clean as could be. I guess I should have brought the last week's worth of clothes along... Bummer, I guess I will have to find the guest laundry here at the hotel.


  1. Funny....that laundry system!! Would have liked to have seen that. Love, G.

  2. Oh, I can't WAIT to take my children there!


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