Friday, March 21, 2014

Museum Fun!

Busy month, so far! The first weekend we celebrated the confirmation of both Bud and Branch (pictures later) and then I spent the week baking and preparing treats and cleaning house for my brother-in-law's fiancĂ©'s bridal shower. (It was a fun time!) Then, we planned to go on a road trip and it all fell apart when our rental vehicle was not longer available. So, I had two days to plan and execute a birthday celebration for Blossom! Fun doing birthdays… not under such pressure. Then my mom, dad and sister came out for a visit. They went home, I tidied up and got some laundry done before my good friend from college popped in with her three little kids. I took one day to break it all up and put my feet up before making good on a promised birthday gift of a membership to The Lincoln Children's Museum!!

We spent the morning at the museum. WOW! It has had a bit of a face lift since the last time we were there. Lots and lots of fun things to do for everyone. (Even mom… who called a mom friend in Lincoln to meet there to chitter chat with while her littles played, too!) I was not very fast on the snap for taking pictures with a babe in arms… and Branch and Blossom were BUSY going from one thing to the next wanting to do as much as possible before having to leave. It is funny as the treekids are getting older they have more freedoms and go around without needing me the same way as when we lived around here when the three oldest were nearly babies! 

I have this one, though. Bump still needs mama!! He would do an activity and come running back to find me sitting in the same chair waiting nearby. Then he realized that he had not painted his face like the big kids!! He sat down to give it a try. He had a fun time making whiskers and a nose. I added the black lines for ears...

DSC_1569 photo file.jpg

He got a little upset that I had put the ears on for him and I told him that they were NOT yet completed! They needed little pink bits under the ears! Smiles returned and he set out to finish his "by myself" job.

DSC_1570 photo file-1.jpg

Pink on cotton swab and ...

DSC_1572 photo file-2.jpg

apply it appropriately.

DSC_1573 photo file-3.jpg
Please notice the very wet sleeve… the entire front of his jeans, the front of his shirt and his sleeves were SOAKED. He played in the water area for nearly 40 minutes. He told me that another not very nice kid got him ALL wet. I asked if any of that water was just from him playing a bit. He said only a tiny bit and showed me a pinch with his fingers. Hmmmmmmmm… Likely story!! ;) They have ponchos to stay dry, but he was NOT interested in staying dry. He was interested in having fun and exploring. He rode home in his carseat with only his t-shirt and underpants and finds that to be incredibly hilarious!! No pants, socks or shoes in the car… Aaahhhaaa haa haa.
Checking out his handy work… he decided that it didn't look scary and therefore it had to go. He had seen Bud's paint job and wanted a scary face instead. So, we wiped it all off and he went running off to find the daughter of my friend.

DSC_1574 photo file-4.jpg

The KEVA blocks are in the temporary exhibit, currently, and it was pretty cool what was built in there to look at. Bud got right to work in creating a tower… and had fun in there building. Is anyone EVER too old for blocks? I think NOT!! :)

DSC_1575 photo file-5.jpg

Bud with his scary face paint and his tower.

DSC_1576 photo file-6.jpg

I went to find Bump & friend to get ready to leave. They were apparently ready to leave in a Mac truck (a museum exhibit). So much for minivans and suv's!

DSC_1577 photo file-7.jpg

I hope that he learns some better manners with the ladies in the next few years. I am sure they will not be impressed by these faces, blowing noises and the like in about 10 years!!!

DSC_1578 photo file-8.jpg

When we got home, I realized I didn't have pictures of Branch and Blossom AT ALL! Blossom ran and hid and washed all of her face paint off and claims to have been mad at me for a reason that she KNOWS that I KNOW. But, unfortunately… I haven't a clue what she was upset about. Her face paint was super cute and Branch had done much of it. It was cute with a snowflake on the forehead and swirls down the sides. Branch did her own little swirls and had fun. This little guy enjoyed watching all the activity around him and was awake for the full 2 hours!!

DSC_1580 photo file-9.jpg

RIght before we left, Bump begged Bud to do a scary face on him and they sat there for 5 minutes while I rounded up the girls. So, here is his dragon scary face!!

DSC_1580 - Version 2 photo file-10.jpg

I was cracking up at the look on this little guy's face! He hasn't had much time outside and the wind blowing up his nose still shocks him!!

DSC_1591 photo file-11.jpg

A little bit better view of Branch's pretty shirt design… she worked on that on the day that I just had to put my feet up and recoup from the busy-ness of the past few weeks! It was done as mess free as humanly possible! It involved Sharpie permanent markers, rubbing alcohol and 3 rubber bands, 3 plastic cups, a medicine dropper and a piece of cardboard. She is planning to make another one for her sister, so I'll take pictures and show how this is done when she makes that one!

DSC_1600 photo file-12.jpg

When we went inside from the deck, here, Bump sat on the floor and was treated to many many many kisses from our big puppy girl. One look and I said… to the shower with you!! I went to get a pair of undies for him and came back to my bathroom to find that he was hiding from me in the closet… under the shelves in amongst Pops' shoes!

DSC_1603 photo file-13.jpg

Silly boy has been FOUND!!

DSC_1604 photo file-14.jpg

He needed his hair washed, so shower it was… but, she was cleaning up that paint pretty well, eh!?

DSC_1607 photo file-15.jpg

Now everyone is back to normal and we have had a good day filled with art and math and spelling and reading and email and crafts and MY GOODNESS… I'll have to take another whole week off soon!! ;) I hope to be back to post confirmation pictures and birthday pictures soon. (Not one picture did I get of the bridal shower! We were running late and the guests were upon us 10 minutes early… so, no pictures. AND it was sooo lovely and the treats were quite tasty!!


  1. What a great time! Ah and girls. We can be dramatic. Hopefully she has forgiven you for whatever offense! :)

  2. Oi! Maria's make-up job makes me wonder. ;) We had fun that day!


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