Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blossom turns NINE!!

How do these things happen? How is it possible that the little baby that was in such a hurry to get here that she was born on the floor of the elevator lobby, just yesterday it seems, has turned NINE years old?!?! My, how time flies!

Somewhere along the way, the children have decided that it is beyond amazing to get breakfast brought to them in bed. SO, that is our tradition. If we are home, they have a breakfast in bed. It varies as to what is served. But, this year, I knew that she would love some sweet treats for her birthday… some things that we are otherwise avoiding and sacrificing this Lenten season as we prepare our hearts for Easter. So, a day for a little bit of celebrating...

DSC_1255 photo file-16.jpg
Her very favorite "KRAVE" cereal, white powdered  sugar donuts with orange salt water taffy snowman noses, fruit kabobs, orange juice, licorice tea and a paper doily and a sprig or two of baby's breath to make it look all pretty.

DSC_1258 photo file-17.jpg
They stay and wait in their bed for breakfast to arrive. SOME people truly are awoken by our birthday singing. OTHERS, like this little girl, have probably been up waiting for breakfast to arrive for over an hour! She is our early riser and Pops (the other early riser int eh house) had arrived home around 3 in the morning. So, after little baby woke me, I fed him, changed his diaper and ran out to put together the breakfast I had mostly created the night before! Just heat the water for the tea, pour the juice, the cereal and put the noses on the snowmen! She was ready for our arrival!

DSC_1259 photo file-18.jpg
And she was HUNGRY! Blossom loves fruit and grapes & strawberries most especially. So, those kabobs were right up her alley! Presentation means a lot to this kid, so I do really try to fancy things up for her! Bud would have liked fruit in a bowl just as well… but this girl - fancy fruit pattern on a skewer made her morning!! I added the snowmen donuts as a sneak peek at the rest of her birthday celebration, but I don't think that she caught on! Pops took the big 4 to a state tournament basketball game and they had a great time while I put together a special lunch!

DSC_1286 photo file-34.jpg
After they got home, she was ushered to the bathroom by her sister (to wash up) who made sure that she covered her eyes until everything was ready!!

DSC_1267 photo file-19.jpg
I added a 3-D Snowflake and Branch had helped me make white paper chain icicles the night before. And that was the beginning of the "FROZEN" theme! That little snowman is the birthday cake. His name was "Olven" and I wrote on the card that he was Olaf's long lost cousin!!
DSC_1295 photo file-35.jpg
When they came around the corner and saw all the treats… they were very excited! 

DSC_1270 photo file-20.jpg
This Snowman looks very sad. But, the olives for the mouth kept rolling off! The parmesan cheese was fresh fallen snow… and the noodles are just buttered spaghetti noodles - a favorite of Blossom's!!

DSC_1271 photo file-21.jpg
Pretzel sticks, marshmallows, raisins, & left over orange salt water taffy pieces!!

DSC_1272 photo file-22.jpg
… cheese puffs - a favorite amongst the treekids!

DSC_1273 photo file-23.jpg
I haven't made Jell-o for quite a while and they were quite excited that I did! I'm not sure it was the best that it was blue… there were quite a few blue mouths after this one!!

DSC_1274 photo file-24.jpg
I just couldn't call the olives "droppings," "dung," or "reindeer pebbles" so, I consulted ol' Roget and found "meadow muffins" and couldn't stop laughing, so I went with it.

DSC_1275 photo file-25.jpg
My treekids love these whole carrots as much as Sven the Reindeer did!!

DSC_1276 photo file-26.jpg
OH, did they EVER want to stuff these chocolates in their face!!

DSC_1277 photo file-27.jpg
Cheese & crackers are a great simple addition to a lunch … but, they were NOT a hit. I think I should have spent more time on taking the pictures and skipped making these! I was not quite ready when the family arrived home so, I had to hurry with taking pictures before they devoured it all!!

DSC_1278 photo file-28.jpg
While these are cute and lovely… I think they would be disgusting! My treekids love marshmallow, so… they were a hit! Glad they liked these easy treats!

DSC_1279 photo file-29.jpg
We had icebergs to keep our beverages cold...

DSC_1280 photo file-30.jpg
Our water was Melted Snowman!

DSC_1281 photo file-31.jpg
I bought berry flavored water and some liked it … others not so much!

DSC_1283 photo file-32.jpg
This Gatorade's flavor is "Frost"!!

DSC_1284 photo file-33.jpg
The birthday girl requested Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese  Frosting. Check!! Can do a snowman with Cream Cheese Frosting!! :) Not sure what I would have done if she wanted chocolate frosting!!

DSC_1305 photo file-36.jpg
I was so happy that she was thrilled with all the surprises on her birthday. We did her special meal at lunchtime since Pops had to catch a plane to Oregon where we had planned to be traveling to for her birthday. Unfortunately, several things "fell apart" and we ended up not getting to go at the last minute. I had 2 days to plan ANY kind of birthday party and get things ready and special for her. I was thinking about how lucky I was that we would be traveling for her birthday and I would be eating out with her and enjoying a treat from the DQ or something… But, I suspect that this birthday theme will be far more memorable than an 18 hour car ride!!

DSC_1306 photo file-37.jpg
Just cannot believe she is growing into such a little lady (well, that IS debatable. I just videoed her making ridiculous noises for laughs from Bud and Branch. Not so lady-like!)

DSC_1314 photo file-38.jpg
And the wishes were made and the presents were opened!! They were tore into quickly and she was treated to many lovely birthday packages all fun fun fun for a NINE year old girl!!
We love our Blossom and hope that she has many many many more years of happy birthdays!!


  1. What a delightful, creative Birthday celebration! I know Blossom will always remember her 9th birthday as the special one with the "Frozen" theme! Boy, can't believe you came up with all these clever ideas & then executed them in just 2 days! Party planner extraordinaire should definitely be added to the list of your many talents! GOOD JOB Mama! What FUN! Love to all, especially the birthday girl!
    Aunt S.

    1. I did have a little inspirational help from my friends at Pinterest!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Blossom!

    Erica, what a fun birthday theme you planned - so cute - am amazed!!

    P.S. I sent you message on Facebook about the Pendleton Round-Up.

  3. That was AMAZING! The kids were looking over my shoulder as I viewed it the first time and were exclaiming over the snowmen and all of the little things that add up to one very special birthday. Well done, Mama!


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