Thursday, April 3, 2014

Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Confirmation Sunday was in early march at our parish. There were a LOT of children being confirmed! There were 5th, 6th and 7th grade students from our parish and two other parishes in our deanery that are very small. Because the group was so large, they held this special Mass in the Catholic High School's gymnasium with both our current Bishop and Bishop Emeritus! There were a LOT of children. We were sitting up in the bleachers and this row of chairs were where Bud and Branch were assigned to sit. We eagerly awaited all of the children's arrival...
DSC_1134 photo file-39.jpg
Once the kids had come and sit down, it was fun to see them looking around for us! THEN… they found us and I got a quick picture!!
DSC_1143 photo file-40.jpg
After the processional, the Bishop used some incense around the alter and … the fire alarm started going off!!! Someone went and got that all squared away and as he began his address, he made the joke that this was how they make sure that everyone is awake and paying attention! 
DSC_1159 photo file-41.jpg
As the Bishop gave his homily about standing firm in your faith, even when it is questioned...
DSC_1170 photo file-42.jpg
I noticed that someone was not going to be standing firm AT ALL in the bleachers. In fact, this is what happens to Bump every time he is in the bleachers, it seems! Basketball games are not exciting enough and neither is a 2 1/2 hour long Mass!!
DSC_1172 photo file-43.jpg
As all of the children came forward with their sponsors to be confirmed, I watched my two eldest children and had those terrible happy mom tears as they were confirmed by Bishop Emeritus Bruskewitz.
DSC_1196 photo file-44.jpg
A good firm handshake and away he went! Confirmed with the patron saint name of St. Thomas Aquinas!
DSC_1199 photo file-45.jpg
Then it was our Branch's turn and she tells me that she thought that the Bishop was going to push a hole right into her forehead while applying the oil!
DSC_1203 photo file-46.jpg
Her chosen saint was St. Elizabeth of Hungary. As she was shaking Bishop Emeritus Bruskewitz's hand, we noticed that the children in the other line, who were being confirmed by Bishop Conley were not shaking hands, but were giving fist bumps or "knuckles"! Cracked me up!! I think the Bishop had hurt his hand, so wasn't wanting to shake hands, but the fist bump is great for this age of kids!
DSC_1204 photo file-47.jpg
I love the relationship that these two have with each other. Now, there are DAYS, but most of the time they get along splendidly and seem to always have had each other. They enjoy doing things together and this picture just gets my mama heart...
DSC_1212 photo file-48.jpg
Just after being confirmed with the oil of chrism, back to their seats… and giving each other's foreheads a sniff! Oh!! The great fragrance of the perfumed oil of chrism! They were eager and so happy to not have to be nervous any longer!!
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After mass, the children assembled for a photo with the two bishops. I tell ya… there were a LOT of children being confirmed! Can you locate the treekids in the crowd?
DSC_1223 photo file-50.jpg
Bud a few rows from the top… (funny to see the faces of kids who don't know that their picture is being taken!!)
DSC_1226 photo file-51.jpg
Branch in the front row - ever lovely and patient!
DSC_1242 photo file-52.jpg
Both treekids chose Brent, a cousin of Pops' who is currently studying at a local seminary, as their sponsor. We shared a beautiful day and are still working daily toward holiness!


  1. What a wonderful day! I am so in awe of how many kids were being confirmed. What a blessing!

  2. One of the greatest days of my life.
    - POPS

  3. Thanks for sharing this memorable & meaningful event in the lives of Bud & Branch & your family. Wonderful pictures, as usual. May God Bless both of these precious children as they continue their faith journey.
    Love, Aunt S.

  4. Holy cow, what a room full of grace! I love that you had both of our wonderful bishops there. And Branch is right--Bishop B does push hard when he anoints a person for confirmation. I remember that, and I remember watching Maddie's head move as he anointed her! Congratulations to your new littlebigCatholics!


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