Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ramblin' Gal

What was I thinking? I am exhausted. Pops is out of town for a couple nights and a local county fair is going on. I missed the dates for entering "stuff" like sewing stuff and photo stuff, but I will try for a neighboring county's fair I hope... if I don't make myself deplete myself of all energy reserves. ANYWHO, back to my insanity.

Yesterday I got a hair-brained idea that seemed sooooo smart at the time. I would take the treekids to the county fair... by myself (I am supermom/woman... I can DO it!! right?!??) for some fun. We worked quickly on our schoolwork yesterday and did some overtime and left a bit for overtime tomorrow, but accomplished a lot and we were all excited!

THEN, the kids went to bed. The house was super tidy. I was feeling on top of the world! I added plans to the hair-brained idea. Since we'd be going to a bigger town, I decided that I needed to run some errands as well!

So, today, we left the house around 10:30 in the morning, we took in the carnival at the fairgrounds (left the exhibit buildings, livestock and vendor exploration for when Pops is home) and enjoyed some tasty morsels. (Hey, thanks, Mr. Kevin for the yummy fry bread... we looooved it, as usual! And Bump thought it was pretty tasty, too... until all of a sudden it wasn't but it was, but it wasn't because everything was just too much and he was tired and REALLY hungry and sensory overload and - and - and - and sorry we didn't say goodbye and we just disappeared.) four hours later I was speeding away hoping to not hit any small children who thought going to the fair was fun and games and wasn't watching for me and my crew in our car. If I go fast enough, for long enough, sleep for Bump can be achieved in the car with little fuss... so long as I stay the course and don't hit said children, puppy dogs, bambi or clowns. Clowns frighten my children.

We got ourselves, with sleeping baby, into town, ran three big need errands at the bank (big need as denoted by Geemah... if she sends a check - cash it within 24 hours or she'll be lettin' ya know you haven't!), The World of Wally for shampoo, diapers (NEED), assorted cleaning products and a duplicate key to my vehicle for which I declined standing in line behind 5 people with semi-full carts (have one key, Branch locked key in car, learned that a spare IS a good thing... lots has happened this summer - sorry to keep ya out of the loop!), and finally a stop at the gianormous grocery market for a basket full of goods. Would you believe that Bump slept through nearly all of these errands?! Thank goodness for that - or I would have NO hair left at this point. Hearded the fam back to the car, loaded it up, went a wee bit faster on the interstate than is suggested on those silly signs since I wanted to get home before I had to nurse that precious Babe! I must say that I have a BIG TIME helper in my Branch as I pulled the bags out of the car, put them on the garage floor and she brought them into the kitchen and put away nearly all of the groceries! Now, I don't necessarily know where to find them, but at least they aren't outside on the garage floor!!!

All this to say, I. am. tired. I don't know what I was thinking. Off to bed, no re-read and edit of this post. I am making a good effort at clearing the tiredness, tonight!

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  1. Oh man, I do that all the time - -bite off more than I can chew, get overly ambitious! I always promise myself I won't head down that road again, but it doesn't take long before I do!

    Thanks for your note on my blog...oh those peanut butter bars...I need to get me some now!!! I still have your recipe -- I suspect it will be making an appearance before the weekend is out!

    I enjoy hearing your voice here, Elm!


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