Saturday, July 31, 2010

Missing, but still In Action!!

Ok Ok Ok... I am still here. I am just busy enjoying the company of my mom and dad. Well, I am trying to. They are playing and talking and telling stories with the treekids and like usual, I have to elbow my way through the crowd to get close enough to do any visiting of my own!

We have had lots of fun coming and going and sitting and staying. My folks drove all the way out here to Oregon from their home in Illinois! It was a long drive - but, it was gorgeous they say. I made some suggestions for their drive here and for their return home. They have stopped to visit my uncle in Minnesota, Mt. Rushmore and Crazyhorse in South Dakota, Devil's Tower in Wyoming, Little Bighorn Battlefield and Glacier National Park in Montana, a scenic drive across the chimney of Idaho, through the dusty western agricultural land of Washington, through the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon with a stop at Multnomah Falls and finally a speedy jaunt down I-5 to arrive at my home in southwestern Oregon!! Since they have done so much sight-seeing, they were ready for a bit of rest and relaxing. But, we didn't let them rest too much!

We spent an afternoon at a lake. It was plenty of fun and not too much R&R...


Well, I suppose Geemah was resting.


And, Bump was resting.


Grandpa looks to be relaxing just fine.


Having a glass of sweet tea... somewhere between rest and work for Blossom, right?


AH! There is the real work!!! Brats are being grilled by this character while overlooking the beautiful mountain lake!

I'll be back to share more of our lazy days of fun, but first I need to go hang out and put my feet up!!


  1. Been missing you! Glad to know lots going on with lots of people you love!

  2. Enjoy time with your company! So nice that they were able to come visit you and stay for awhile! Tell them "hello" from all of us in western NE!



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