Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #39

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, August 10, 2010...

Outside my window... Overcast and 54 @ 8 AM!

I am thinking... How fun it was to write the date all day yesterday... 8-9-10!!! I told Bud that was the date. I don't think he believed me. If he did, then he thought I was crazy. I think I will just go with him not believing me. I am also thinking about how "old" my kids are getting so fast! Bud will be 9 next month. Branch has a friend who visits her grandma next door to us about every other day. She likes to play with this little friend who she was on a baseball team with. This little friend has another friend who lives around "here" somewhere and is 11. She is 11 - and wears mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, blush (with beautiful skin and no "need" for makeup) and has a lip ring - ring-style, not a stud - in her bottom lip. Today she was over for a bit coloring Hello Kitty pictures with the girls in her purple skinny jeans. Is 11 the new 23?!? YIKES... I want my babies to be babies for FOREVER!!

I am thankful for... homeschooling and for the most part... influencing who my kids' friends are even if I can't choose the neighborhood playmates!!

From the learning rooms... Learning to be a Kindergartener is tough for Blossom. She would like to go with the buffet approach to schooling. Please tell me what the options are on the buffet table and I will choose what I would like to try today... OH! and just make all the options good. It has been a daily challenge. She does like to say that she is IN kindergarten. She just doesn't want to do what that implies she is doing!

From the kitchen... my "big meal" plans
Tues: chicken
Wed: On the grill... beef something or other - I need to check in the freezer!
Thurs: AWAY?
Fri: AWAY?
Sat: AWAY?
Sun: AWAY?
Mon: Salmon if Pops is home to grill it!
I am wearing... back to all of my gray clothes, today!

I am creating... Well, my sewing machine has been quiet for several days since I finished our niece's gift (I'll show a picture or two of that maybe tomorrow!), but I am working on a quilting project with my mom using some weird-fangled thangles. Each month we pay a buck to her little quilt shop and in return, they give us a couple strips of fabric and instructions to create two mini-blocks. Once we have created for a year... we will have 24 mini-blocks with which we can finish the quilt or we can make a couple of smaller projects. The fabric is supposed to be sort of "vintagey" - we'll see! I haven't seen it and am just along for the ride with my mom!! Should be fun and an opportunity to make something small each month!

I am going... to have to baby-proof everything VERY soon. Someone small is getting more and more mobile. Right now we watch him scoot about, sit and spin, roll around and move in reverse. He can get up on his hands and knees with his belly off the floor, but then he just rocks back and forth! He doesn't go too far very quickly, yet... soon, very very soon.

I am reading... nothing very stand-outish.

I am hoping... to get my kitchen ALL cleaned up today! I also would like to do a big closet clean out again. Pops threatened to send the kids away for a day so that we can bring them back to a sterile environment with the hopes of it staying clean since all the JUNK would be gone!

I am hearing... Bump blowing raspberries, the clock is tick-tocking, the big kids are quietly starting their day.

Around the house... See what I am hoping above!

One of my favorite things... the last time I wrote a daybook entry I said "a turtle split" and thought that I would convince Bud to try one with me. No dice. However, my girl, Branch, stepped up to the proverbial plate and tried it with me and LOVED it. So, this week a favorite thing is enjoying the same stuff with Branch. I love it when that happens. I just hope that she doesn't think that she will wear make-up like me (or that little playmate - who appeared to wear more make-up than I do) when she is eleven!

A few plans for the rest of the week... school work, teach the kids something in the kitchen, possible trip to eastern/central Oregon...

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

While Geemah & Grandpa were just at our house...


Bump "got" Grandpa good... AGAIN!


I think that Grandpa makes Bump vomit. And he doesn't look to happy with the situation...


He is mostly finished with burp cloths and such and rarely spits up anymore. But, he sits with Grandpa and makes sure to release some of his latest meal just for good times sake!


It's a good thing that Grandpa can laugh about all the yuck!

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  1. Bump looks so miserable and grandpa is laughing! How priceless!

  2. Great day book and I loved the pictures! Have a wonderful week.


  3. Ha! I call it tithing--I feed Maria and she gives back 10%. She's had some goooood ones lately. The change-the-shirt-at-9:00 good ones!

  4. ...and what's this with 54 degrees!? Would you send some of that our way? It was hot this morning already and we hit 99+ for a high. I'm ready for autumn. Hmph.

  5. seriously, a lip ring? that is that about. parents these days are terrible!!


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