Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greased Pig Scramble

I did take a few rodeo pictures this past weekend... I think this was the last rodeo on our radar in Oregon for this year.

Side Note: Pops and I had been hoping to go to Vegas this year for the National Finals Rodeo Dec 3 - 12... but it seems as though it is quite possible that some OTHER pressing issues are on our plate for that time of year in 2009! And those of you who I KNOW live in Nebraska... don't miss your opportunity to go to the River City Round Up in Omaha... it is this coming weekend!!!

We didn't get Branch signed up for Mutton Bustin' and it was just as well... she wasn't feeling up to riding sheep, she said. But, there was a greased pig event that Bud wanted to try. The girls thought it sounded kind of icky and didn't really want to do it. However, Bud worked on 'em and told them that they never had to touch the greasy pig if they didn't want to. He insisted that if they worked together that they could certainly win - if the girls would JUST chase the pig toward him! It was a great theory, so they took the bait.

Off they went to the other side of the arena when all the kids were called out for the pig scramble. Blossom sure is liking the security of either her big brother or big sister these days!


She's not too picky... either Bud or Branch will do. But, Bud is usually more willing to encourage her to join in. Branch is kind of not so quick to coddle her and expects her to buck up and be a tough cowgirl! (Please note that all of these kids chose to skip wearing their cowpoke boots and instead wore their NICE tennis shoes -- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...)


On the count of three, they opened the crate and let the little piggy loose... and IT took off running, as well as 99% of the children! Please note the child under the red arrow. She is part of the 1% NOT chasing the pig. The audacity...


Those big kids ran off without holding Blossom's hand!! But, things slowed down when the bull fighters had to chase the pig that ran under the gate and off to a safer environment without children!

OH, I hear ya squealin' little piggy! I want to escape the arena of my life for a few moments to catch my breath for five minute's peace every now and then, too... But, those chasing children find me every time! Whether I have hidden under my covers, in the backyard, in the quiet car, in the shower, behind my long clothes in the closet, in the "off-limits mom's stuff" closet, behind a tree, sitting like a statue and pretending to be marble instead of a real mom, walking down the street with a sandwich and a water bottle wrapped in a red handkerchief tied to a stick slung over my shoulder, they always find me! Please, other mothers... steal these ideas if you'd like. But, if you have any better ones... SHARE, please! It is for ALL our mental health I implore you, share your favorite hiding places with us other mothers!

Anyway, while little piggy was out trying to get her five minute's peace, Blossom spotted that boy wearing a red ball cap, gray t-shirt, jeans and what used to be a nice pair of tennis shoes! So, she tried to get her hold on him so she could get in the game with him!


Oh, but the pig was being chased back toward the arena! Bud took a step away. I was sure she would get her grip on him.


But, he was determined to get that piggy and he was fast like lightening and she was left there standing without him... again.


She turned and looked at the crowd.

Oh, don't spot your mama... hide hide hide - isn't this big ol' heavy camera bigger than your mama? Well, bigger than her face, but that brightly colored shirt and big ol' baby belly is hard to miss.

I've been spotted.


And she has had ENOUGH of this pig chasing. Why in the world would she want to chase that cute little piggy anyway? It just squealed and oinked when anyone got near it.

[Cue audience noise: Awwww, Oh, no... Oh, look - she's so cute! Oh, no! Someone's unhappy. Awwwwww...]


That piggy is not friendly and snuggly like our dog or the little stray cat that she has claimed in our neighborhood.

I'm done, this is not fun. I want my mommy and daddy. They won't leave me hanging!


Ok, so mommy will leave me hanging to take more pictures, but DADDY won't! He'll share his Salt & Pepper Sunflower Seeds. We're pals like that. Who needs pigs. Or brothers and sisters who want pigs. I've got my daddy and that's all I need.


Ha, and they didn't even get that ol' greasy pig! Serves them right for not keeping me close by!


  1. Sweet Little Blossom! I agree who wants a greased pig anyway!?! But am glad Bud & Branch enjoyed the chase! And a good time was had by all! Love, G.

  2. That's as accurate of a description of what really happened in pictures as I have ever seen. This little girl does NOT belong in a rodeo arena chasing pigs... She needs a crown on horseback!
    - POPS


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