Tuesday, September 29, 2009


You know, I don't put much out there on my tiny corner of the blogosphere about all the football hype of the season. Why? Well, I couldn't care all that much about who wins, really. Sure, I root for the Huskers if they are playing. I have learned who to cheer for in other games in order that the Huskers ranking goes up as the other teams' falls. But, really? I just hope that they have fun, stay in one piece, and can sit at home after the game without the aide of ice or hot tubs! As for as "what's in it for me"... I just like brats on game day for breakfast!!

With all that said, I can tell you that while I didn't grow up in Nebraska - I do LOVE Nebraska. I went to the University of Nebraska @ Lincoln and loved my time there. I lived in Nebraska for several years after having left college for around three years and, besides the summer weather, enjoyed life there with my family! Nebraska is different. It is different than any other state here in the great U.S. of A. It is really hard to describe... you just have to be there. And it is different being there as a transplant than perhaps being there as a lifer. You really can see that it is a different and welcoming place.

I was emailed an article written by some football reporter guy out of Louisiana who just visited Lincoln this past weekend with the Louisiana Lafayette Cajuns football team. He was treated to normalcy in Nebraska and found it to be paradise. Take a moment to read his commentary. Here is the link to his article: CLICK HERE

I have to say, it isn't JUST game day that most Nebraskans are kind and friendly like this. You can find a friendly face and conversation all over the great state of Nebraska, from way out by Kimball in western Nebraska to downtown Omaha on the eastern border of Nebraska. Kindness and camaraderie is abundant.

So, if you go for a visit - don't be so shocked at what you will find. And you will find it, there! And maybe one day, you will find me living there again... There is no place like Nebraska.


  1. Oh!! I couldn't help cracking up after reading Regina's comment. TOO funny!!

  2. And as for me -- I don't know the first thing about football except that my first date with Hubby was for a SuperBowl Party.

  3. I'm with you, Jessica, on the hype of football, but the question is... should we tell Regina? :) (I think she's figured me out, anyway).

  4. Regina, the Huskers are a Powerhouse this year. Watch out.

    You're right, Elm--there is no place like Nebraska and we LOVE it!


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