Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Your memory is failing you...

I said something last night here on this here blog that I would be BUSY chasing my tail or something for the next few days... So, you're still coming around to see if I posted anything? Well, aren't you charming! Hmmmmmm... here ya go. I will share this tidbit with you. I keep thinking about this picture that I posted not too long ago on my Wordless (Wyoming) Wednesday


I just can't get over these pronghorn. I mean really. LOOK at this picture. I mean REALLY LOOK at the WHOLE picture. These little ladies were leaving their guy pronghorn behind - to the right and behind a bit, actually. They are walking together in a way that said they knew were they were going and they were getting there. NOW. While there is a sign in front of them that says the Exit is to their left, they are on a straight path to that hydrant.

Now, I know that hydrants are typically a euphemism reserved for dogs, canines, domesticated wolves... But, I just can't get past this. These gals have a similarity to any pack of gals anywhere. Off to the restroom to use the toilet? Need to powder your nose and reapply lipstick? Need to ditch the obnoxious guy who thinks he's so cool? Need to pick your teeth? Yep, just find yourself another gal and head to the restroom. All your concerns will melt away on that one little jaunt with the girls. This is universal, I am certain.

Remember that next time you see a pack of gals heading somewhere. They'll be in a bathroom sooner or later and will be finding solutions to all of the world's problems. Speaking of, I think I should go solve some problems... I just need to find my gal pals to escort me! They would certainly have told me that this lipstick would be all wrong in natural lighting.


  1. this post is as cute as Blossom! thanks for the smile...

  2. I think that I see little purses on each one's neck with matching shoes. These were "prissy" pronghorn.


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