Thursday, July 30, 2009

OK. I can see the end of this winding road!

True, the road we have been on for the last... uh, SEVEN months has been quite the meandering path, with us traversing somewhere new, nearly every month. But, this winding path is coming to an end!!! I'm sure we'll still tool around the great state of Oregon, but we won't have so many big jaunts that I will neglect this here lovely picture palace and crazy chronicle of life in our treehouse.

We might do CRAFTS again... oooooo. That sounds like fun! Maybe we'll visit the swings at the local park. Perhaps we'll play polly pockets, baby dolls, legos and read until our eyes are so dry that we will have to run through the sprinklers. I'm not sure what we'll do to keep busy around here, HA! I'm sure that we'll find something to do that will be thrilling to share with you. Until we figure that out, I'll finish updating you all on our adventures as of late! Check back after a while... I gotta feed some people some breakfast!

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